How To Live Life OutLoud A-Z “F”

by Vashte on January 27, 2013

Focus – Freedom – Foundation – Friendship – Fellowship – Feet on the Ground – Ferocious – Follow your Heart – Forgive and Forget – Faith – Fresh Food – Fresh Fruit – Fruit of the Spirit



Focus your energy on the tasks at hand. Focus like a laser beam on your goals and your desires. Follow your heart and Focus in on your natural talents to give you the direction you need in life. Use your head when you follow your heart to take the action necessary to achieve your goals. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars, for the moon or whatever you think is just beyond your reach. We need to get UN-comfortable to GET comfortable…and then get UN-comfortable to get comfortable again.. keep stretching beyond your comfort zone to be a better you!!

Be fearless and as ferocious as a tiger in realising your goals. Stay on track. Fellowship with people who stretch you, with people who believe in you, with people you respect and aspire to be similar to. Be the same for them. Find mentors, find accountability, find honour in this world where it is too easy to quit.


Forgive the wrongs you believe have been ‘done to you’. Then you too can be forgiven of the wrongs and hurt you have put on others. Forgive yourselves. In forgiveness comes forgetting. You cannot forgive without forgetting. If you use the common phrase “I will forgive you but I will never forget it” then you have not forgiven at all. Why give another human being power over you? That is exactly what you do when you do not forget. If you harbour resentment towards a person or thing then you GIVE them a piece of your heart. Guard your heart above all else. Let the issue go, forgive AND forget. Then you will have FREEDOM. Freedom in your Spirit, freedom in your Soul and freedom in your body. Gone- forever. You are free. Free to be the amazing person God created you to be. 


How do you build a house? From the foundation up. Why is it any different when you approach life? If you build the foundation of your health, your life, your relationships, your businesses strong and on rock, when the storms come, your life or parts of it will not be torn asunder. Build your life with strong foundations. If parts of your life could do with some remodeling, then start again- from the foundation up. Building from the foundations takes time, if you do it properly. Over night wonders get results fast, and lose those results just as fast. Build your foundations on solid ground. You will stand the storm of life and come out the other side stronger still when you build from the foundation.


Fresh Food. Whole Food. Fresh Fruit. – Food for the body.

Fruit of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control (NJK Bible Gal5:22) = food for the Spirit.

Feed your Spirit with these qualities and you may find your mind and body respond in kind by creating an alkaline atmosphere, digesting edible food easily and will keep toxic thoughts away. ‘Food’ will either nourish your Spirit, Soul and Body or it will be of no value at all. Feed your house so that you grow in strength and health each day. Remove the frauds in your life, remove the false pretenses, and get on with living each day to its maximum by living out The Truth that is you. Be the unique and wonderful being you are created to be. It is never too late to start. Start today. Start now. Have Faith that you can. Have faith that you were created unique. Have faith you have the ability living inside you waiting to be given the opportunity to show up. Focus in what you CAN do. Focus in what YOU want to do. Then take the action to get you moving in the right direction. Be ferocious in your focus! Feed your mind with good thoughts, feed your Spirit with The Truth, and feed your body with the right nutrients for a recipe for success built on strong foundations.

HAVE FAITH in God who created you and has given you all the right abilities to live your life in abundance.

HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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