How To Live Life Outloud “A-Z” ‘D’

by Vashte on January 11, 2013

D is for DRIVE and DETERMINATION. Have drive but do not be driv-en. If you are driven, something else is pushing you. That ‘something’ will consume you eventually. So have drive, own it, control it. This way your drive will fuel your determination in a healthy way. Remember our strongest points can be our weakest points in different situations. So JUST DO IT. Without hesitation. If you talk about it too much you will talk yourself out of your goals.

D is for DREAMS. Dream to create your DESTINY. When the dream and destiny form a picture in your mind; or a word you can hear; or a feeling you know is right- set a DATE. Without a DATE your dream is just that- a DREAM. DREAMS on their own are rarely achieved. Why? Because I do not believe in LUCK. Set a DATE and you set the ball rolling. Take the action required to start towards that GOAL which is no longer a DREAM. YOU create your OWN DESTINY!!  JUST DO IT!

D is for DIRECTION. Know your DIRECTION and walk towards your goal. Take a step each and every day in the DIRECTION of your goal. Do not let obstacles stop you. There will be speed bumps; some of them big, some of them small. Work around them and get back on track. You are the only one who knows your true DIRECTION in life. Do not let DISTRACTIONS take you off course. Be aware of DISTRACTIONS. When you make yourself aware of distractions you could even find them amusing. The same distractions come at you time and time again. They actually become boring after a while when you recognise them for what they are. Stay on your OWN DESTINY,  true to your OWN DIRECTION, and keep your DETERMINATION AND DRIVE alive.


D is for DEDICATION AND DESIRE. Focus in and have the DEDICATION to push through the good times and the bad. Keep the DESIRE alive in your heart and never let go of the REASON WHY you have your goals. Make the commitment and stick to it. Not many people have this ability these days. If you do; if you have the DEDICATION.. you have won the race already.



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