How to Live Life Outloud in 2013 A-Z “C”

by Vashte on January 7, 2013

Week two of 2013 is upon us! Day 7 already! Where did this first week fly to? Time waits for no one, least of all me. Why would it and why should it! Get ahead of the masses, make your plans for this year and take the action needed to accomplish those goals. Make each and every day count!

C is for Counting!! Don’t count the days! Make the days COUNT!  Every day that passes is a day you will NEVER get back. No amount of money can get you those days, or that time again. It is up to you and make each day count for good! How do you make each day count?

Start with being CONSISTENT in your actions. One step is the start of a marathon isn’t it?! Yes it is!! Make the CHANGES necessary to stay CONSISTENT in your drive for life. Have the ability to CHANGE direction if need be. Be open to CHANGE, new ideas, or ways of thinking.

Take up the CHALLENGE of life! Embrace the CHALLENGES you face with caution …but also with carefree abandon!! Don’t throw caution to the wind in all cases; know when to take the leap of faith – and BE carefree using intelligence!

Live your life with CHARISMA!

CHARISMA is not something you can find randomly. CHARISMA is earned through the life you CHOOSE to live. Live a life being COURAGEOUS, CONSIDERATE, AND CARING to others. When you become this type of person you take the focus off yourself and put your positive attention on to others. CHARISMA follows swiftly in the presence of courageousness, consideration and care for other people and things. You will be a CAPTIVATING soul in this self obsessed world.

Remember to be have fun and be CHEEKY. Keep your wit alive and make others laugh, not at their expense, but in a clean humorous cheeky style. Give the gift of laughter, you will captivate many!

Keep in CONTACT with family and friends. Make new friends. BE the contact point. People are so wrapped up in their own worlds these days; take time to CONTACT other people- face to face. Instigate the CHANGE and make the effort 😉

Lastly- compare yourself to others no more! You are an individual. You are the only YOU in the world. Stop comparing yourself and your lives to anyone else’s. Get on and live your life from your Spirit. Listen with your heart and remember to take your brain with you! If you compare yourself to any other human being, you are selling yourself short. YOU have a unique gift to give to the world. The world needs YOU, not some cheap imitation of someone else.

Those are some of my ‘C’ words to the guide on how to Live Life Outloud Vashtestyle!!


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