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by Vashte on March 11, 2013

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Joy – a life without joy is a life not lived. There is a significant difference between ‘happiness’, and joy. Joy rises from the heart and fills the essence of your being. Joy fills every cell Vashte minta about to jump 12of every atom that makes you a human being. Joy is uncontainable. Joy is magnificent and full. Joy is complete jubilation. There is much strength in joy!

Our lives are so fast paced these days. Too many of us forget to laugh; let alone smile. As it takes less muscles to smile than  frown, isn’t it interesting that we walk around with permanent frowns on our faces in the Western World?! In a world where we can pretty much have anything we set out minds to when we truly apply ourselves.. we frown. We lose our joy! We lose the essence of who we really are in the quest to obtain….more ‘stuff and things’ . – for what REAL purpose I ask?

Observe the pictures of children before they learn the ‘rules’ of the world.. the joyous smiles that capture their faces.. capture us as adults too. We can not help BUT fall in love with a smiling, giggling, innocent child. How many of us have watched the youtube videos of children giggling uncontrollably and found ourselves laughing along with it?

Isn’t it great when we do lose ourselves to laughter, resulting in stomach pain through laughing too much! When was the last time YOU experienced that? Me..? hmm a long time ago too. That is sad. Our joy should radiate from us and capture all those who see us! Our lives are a major blessing! We are so incredibly fortunate to live in such abundance! Look around and appreciate the blessings you have in your lives. Count them. The smallest blessings are usually the biggest.

My favourite scripture, the one that has got me through thick and thin in the last 2 years is this: “the joy of the Lord is my Strength” Neh 8:10. It certainly was, and is.  It wasn’t my personal joy- that had to be built up again from scratch! This continues to be built every single day,  but why focus on the negative like everyone else?! Focus on the positive and you will find you invite more and more joy into your lives- even when you don’t feel it yourselves. Focus on the joy. Focus on the laughter and when you cant laugh, let others laugh for you and embrace it.

MOVEVashte Minta jump 12

Feeling sorry for yourself? Get up and off your butt and MOVE. Start jumping, start jiggling. MOVE. You may feel foolish to begin with but you will feel more foolish if you sit and wallow in your own self pity. Jump.. something happens when you start moving:

a. you may begin to perspire as not so many people move as often as they ought to these days..

b. you release endorphins in the brain when you move MORE. Endorphins release joy in your brain… so you naturally feel better.. you may even smile! If you move more, you may even prevent your body from turning INTO jelly through lack of movement! Learn to jive!! lol that will get the blood pumping!! Jive yourself into jubilation and joy and have fun jiggling and jumping round your living room!


Get yourself a good juicer and have an alkalising green juice every morning before breakfast- or for breakfast.

Choose vegetable juices as they are lower in sugars. Fruits are fantastic but generally we tend to eat too much sugar as a nation, so adding a freshly squeezed fruit juice to the mix is only going to add to in imbalance of sugars in the body.

A beautiful organic green based vegetable juice first thing in the morning will start your body off with some amazing nutrients, and keep you cleansing from the inside out until you add more solid foods. Your body will love you for it.

Juicing is great as the body does not need to break down the nutrients to access those nutrients. They go straight to the blood system- which is why we want to limit the actual fruit juices.

Do not drink pre-packaged fruit juices as a general rule as they are made up from concentrate and have even more sugar added to them. Don’t be fooled, there is little health benefit in a juice bought from the corner store..if any.

Freshly made organic juices, esp vegetable juices will be your best friend in health!

Choose organic. If you juice non organic fruits and veges, you are obtaining the juice but also obtaining all the pesticides, and toxins sprayed on that produce, in a highly concentrated manner. Toxic overload.

Always choose organic juices, or none at all.

Jump for Joy and the world will think you are mad.. but who cares!!!


 xx Vashte xx

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Penny March 11, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Hi there Vashte,

Great focus on Joy!! We need so much more of this in our lives, like you say we are so busy!!!
Love your input and inspiration, love your beautiful photos, fresh and Joyful!!

kind regards,


Vashte March 14, 2013 at 8:45 am

Thank you Penny xx We all need more joy- and we can create it ourselves easier than looking for it from other people!! Joy is to be given this way.. it always comes back to us!! :) xx


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