How to Life Life Outloud in 2013- an A-Z guide!

by Vashte on January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

 It is the second day of 2013!!!

What a spectacular start to a whole New Year! Make this year count! Make every day count, make every hour count. Don’s miss a second! Life is exciting! Life is an adventure! Life is not to be missed! Some people walk around half dead.. don’t be one of them! Dead is a LONG TIME!! Live life to the utmost! Set your goals! Take action to achieve those goals! Goals don’t drop out of the sky like a lottery ticket! MAKE your life MEAN something good! Leave a legacy of love in your trail!! BE the difference!

This is a little series to help you BE the difference. Tune in if you are keen to keep a smile on your dial each and every day, as well as give one to other people!! This is Vashte’s A-Z of Living Life Out Loud! Simple, clear, concise. Just the way I like my life to be! Get rid of the negative- all of it – do not let it in!! You actually don’t have to let the sadness of the world in if you don’t want to! Follow my A-Z of Living Life Out Loud and it may help you get back on track to positivity!!!

One letter every day or so.. I have to keep up with myself 😉 lets start today with ‘A’ !!

A is for alkaline. Keep your body in an alkaline state as much as you can! To assist you in reaching an alkaline state eat loads of leafy green veges, and fresh fruits. Ditch packaged foods, sugars, fizzy drinks and pretty much anything that arrives in a plastic or cardboard box!! Keep your meals smalls with plenty of raw foods- easier it this time of the year as it is so hot and salads are delicious!

A is also for attitude. Attitude determines outcome. Live your life as a poisonous vindictive nasty person, and expect life to respond in the same manner. Choose to live your life through love and peace, balance and harmony. Your body may reach alkaline state just through you BEING love. Life will reflect the love you generate with good things coming to you with every step you take! You make the effort, you reap the reward.

What you sow, that shall you reap. Attitude is a major contributor to the results you get in this life.  If you have not set your goals for 2013, sit down and write them out NOW. Don’t plug in to the apathy perpetuating in that sad old world which encourages you not to write goals and make New Years resolutions. Get out of the matrix and go back to basics. Ignore the apathy, keep your attitude strong and determined, and get yourself alkaline. Watch your world transform just through plugging into A!!!!!

Love your Life and then give that love to others!!

Please feel free to comment or contribute to A!!! There are a plethora of great A words out there to keep your attitude up and in an alkaline state! I’d love to hear your words!!!



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