Healthy Sweet Treats with Vashte

by Vashte on October 1, 2012

It appears I have developed a bit of a fetish for baking of late. How strange!! So to avoid making VERY NAUGHTY treats, I am baking up a storm of healthy sweet treats!! Yay!! Now the trick is dishing them out so I don’t actually eat them all myself!! Good thing I have a family close by and with very honest nieces aged 5 and 2- you can be sure they will give me their VERY honest opinion. This is a bit scary as their Mum, my sister, is a wizard in the kitchen. She is a highly skilled and trained naturopath who also walks the walk. Let the bake off begin!! (In truth, I would never challenge her in this arena- she would win hands down!)  Anyhoo.. I made Scott’s Homemade Balls.  Mine turned out brown as I added some high quality cocoa to the mix, then rolled them in coconut. They look completely different as you can see.

I also decided to bake some without the coconut. They proved to be a hit! I didn’t take a photo of these though – sorry! Just on 150C and for approx 20 mins. Try them – you can use peanut butter instead of almond butter if you prefer. I am not a huge fan of peanut butter as it is hard for the body to digest peanuts but I have played with recipes using peanut butter as you will see from some posts- so use what you prefer and what works for you.

Almond butter is much easier for the body to digest, and contains a whole heap of great nutrients that peanut butter lacks.

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