Green Tea vs Coffee

by Vashte on May 27, 2012

Coffee vs Green Tea

An interesting phenomenon happened over the past 14 months or so. I started drinking coffee. This was new to me and something I had never believed I would do. I thought the taste was absolutely horrendous. Don’t get me wrong; having managed a number of fine restaurants in my life, I knew the importance and significance of a ‘good’ coffee. The creme, the aroma, the grain of the bean, the pour, the milk, the presentation… the meaning!! To a coffee drinker, what a person orders can tell you quite a bit about the person drinking that coffee…so look out!! You are in the coffee box!!! I have always loved the atmosphere and ambience of a good cafe, loved the aroma of a good coffee, but couldn’t drink the stuff! When friends said “hey Vashte, lets go for a coffee!” Id would jump at the concept and then think it ironic that I sit there drinking herbal just wasn’t quite the same!! That is of course, until I found coffee in a time of crisis.. I turned to coffee as my vice for the buzz it gave me initially AND because the person I cared about dearly vehemently didn’t like me to drink it. As he was gone, I could do what I liked right?! (That’s the silly little child rebel in me- we all have that at times). Thus the coffee habit began.

Why drink coffee??

No longer could I speak and advise people not to drink coffee!! I was doing it myself! To give myself a break I guess I could have turned to other things… but that’s not where this story is going. I chose coffee.

Coffee: One of the most acidic substances one can put into the body, along with sugar. The skin on my face would break out in horrid spots that were painful after drinking coffee. They were awfully painful things but I did not stop. I just covered them up with good makeup. I reasoned (as we do when we know we are wrong) that I am allowed a vice and if other people drink it every day then so can I.

Love hate relationship....

The buzz from coffee soon waned and I was drinking two coffees a day bought from the best barista in town. I had researched this by actually sampling most coffees in town by this stage. I was a coffee snob! She and I are great friends now, although I am not helping her income as I have finally STOPPED!!!


I speak on nutrition virtually on a daily basis. Coffee is just not good for us. It is an industry making a lot of money out of our addictions and we think its cool. It is SO NOT. It stresses the adrenal glands no end and if you are like approximately 75% of the adult population of Australia, then you are in need of losing some fat. Coffee can inhibit this for many reasons, one of them being -stressed adrenals. What it did to me was this- stress my already stressed out adrenal glands, resulting in cystic spots on my face. You would never know as I was good at covering them most of the time, but I would do anything and everything to avoid being seen without makeup or something covering my face. It really affected my confidence.
If you drink coffee with ANY type of milk, you are adding even more sugar, lactic acid, unnecessary calories to your system. For what reason? Coffee ages you from the inside out, and yet you drink it to give you energy? Stop you eating food?? Because you can’t go without it?? You actually CAN. If you WANT.

Two weeks ago I stopped drinking coffee altogether. I had a headache for two days as the caffeine left my body. That tripped me out somewhat as I really did not think I had ‘the habit’. Funny how these things creep up on you. I have made major changes in my eating and exercise programme as well to complement this change. My mind is clearer than it has been in a long time, I am saving $40 per week!! (=$2,080.00. For those of you who think that’s nothing, that to me is a round the world flight, or $2,000.00 off debt. Now does it sound like a good idea?) AND…something VERY important to me is this: my skin is finally clear!

Bad skin is often a product of what is going on inside your body. I had been examined by highly qualified facial technicians who all said the actual skin itself on my face was lovely, whatever was causing this was coming from the inside. It was stress related. Stressed adrenal glands.
Coffee was not the sole cause of this, but by eliminating it from my diet, changing my mindset and attitude, freeing my time for relaxation, and changing my diet and exercise, I experienced almost immediate results and allowed my insides to chill out. NO pre work out supplements allowed. I had started on those too as my energy levels were dropping and I wanted to stay on that high. What resulted? You guessed it – more skin issues.

Pure Green Tea

I swapped coffee for green tea. When I was considering this option I was almost gagging on the concept. I did not like green tea. I had tried time and time again to drink the stuff and to me it tasted bitter and left an aftertaste in my mouth.. hmm where have I heard that before?? Did not coffee do the same thing initially?! ABSOLUTELY!! SO if I could learn to love coffee then I could learn to love green tea. Its all in the attitude. As with everything in life.

Not all green teas are the same. The best quality are the loose leaf green teas straight from the source, Japan. However, I am not quite a connoisseur in this department YET..and if there is one thing I have learnt in life about myself, I don’t know about you.. but with me.. I like to make a significant change but ..not one that’s going to be SO drastic that I hate it and rebound off it.
First step is a baby step: drinking green tea from the local supermarket in bags. Organic and not too strong. Just like weight loss and fat loss: if I give an obese person a nutrition plan tailored for a person one week out of a body sculpting competition I am setting them up for an epic failure. Blood sugars will go nuts, they will STARVE, and then BINGE. Same goes for making a change like this.
As a result I am LOVING my green tea and drink it by the bucket load! The goodness found in green tea is astounding, packed with antioxidants to combat aging, illness and nasty free radicals, it also can help reduce appetite and fat cells. Man, I should have learnt about green tea a long time before this!! (I did  but chose to believe I was all good without it..) I have dropped from 18% body fat to 15%, as well as increased in muscle.  No it is not ONLY because of drinking green tea, but I can tell you this: the green tea sure helps in all areas!!

I’m loving it now, and I am loving the results I am getting. I am sold. Why don’t you you take the leap into the green tea world too!!!

Green Tea from the supermarket! Easy!!

xx Vashte xx

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Jayne July 26, 2012 at 9:35 pm

I am having the same cystic dermatitis issues and I KNOW it is from drinking coffee. The only difference is that I LOVE coffee. I, admittedly, am an addict. : ( I can go for a couple of weeks without coffee and my skin is lovely, and if I slip up and drink a cup of the dark, creamy, sugary goodness, my face is broken by mid-afternoon. I wish it weren’t so… But it is good to know that someone else experiences the same reaction to coffee as me and that I am not just delusional.


Vashte July 27, 2012 at 8:23 am

HI Jayne. No you are not delusional! Its actually quite normal- however most people don’t want to admit or consider the fact it could be the coffee producing these adverse reactions. Coffee is so toxic to our bodies. And so addictive! I have always loved the concept and ‘experience’ of a great coffee, cafe, catchup- but… its just not worth it. Those breakout will eventually leave scars. On your FACE. I had to ask myself whether I loved my coffee as much as I loved the skin on my face.. and being able to go without makeup..or not. Not to mention what it was doing inside!! Dehydration = aging faster.. Stressing adrenals… = gaining fat and toxins. So Jayne- you are very normal from where I stand – cold turkey was tho only way i could do it. Its just not worth it to me – is it worth it to you?! Thanks for your comment!!


Bianca August 9, 2012 at 2:39 pm

After reading your blog I was inspired to stop drinking coffee and start drinking green tea (although I never was a fan before) and for the first time ever I didn’t get migraine headaches!! I FEEL so much better on green tea, and I know how much better it is FOR me! Thanks Vashte!


Vashte August 10, 2012 at 8:29 am

Hi Bianca! Thank you for that! Wow – by removing the coffee you stopped your migraines? That is HUGE!! Thank you for your post xx I appreciate you sharing with me, and anyone else reading this xx


Janiah September 26, 2012 at 12:05 am

I started drinking coffee about 4 years ago, and that’s when my skin issues started. Up until then, my skin was pristine! Not one single blemish. But recently, my face has been feeling so greasy and I started getting terrible cystic acne. I’ve tried quitting coffee about 5 times already, but I always relapsed. Today I’m about 4 days clean from coffee. Ha. & I’ve got a cup of green tea in my hand right now! (I’m typing with one hand. LoL. ) 😉

I am soooo happy that I read this! Your story has helped me, for sure. I thought I was the only one! Now I know it’s not all in my head! I was blaming my skin issues on everything but the coffee. (Not my precious coffee, it couldn’t be!) But now I know that it’s definitely the culprit.


Vashte September 26, 2012 at 6:41 am

Hi Janiah! Thank you for your comment! Interesting isn’t it, that we always think we are ‘the only one’ with issues that we often find embarrassing. No, you are absolutely NOT the only one- I suffered like this for a long time too- and it turns out there are lots of people who experience this as well. Watch your skin get more and more amazing as you cleanse the toxins from your body. Our ‘precious’ coffee… I also used to think this way! But when you get results like this from exiting it from our lives.. its no longer ‘precious’ !!! The more you cleanse and alkalise your body the more amazing you feel naturally!! And it glows from the inside out!! :) Have a great day!


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