Gluten Free Cereal with Protein Shake

by Vashte on January 5, 2012

For the cereal lovers out there!

If you just love your cereal and dont want to say goodbye to it, then don’t!

Just add a protein shake to it to balance the release of sugars from the carbohydrates.

So instead of adding milk, make your protein shake with water. (If you are using a Whey Protein..well that comes from Dairy anyway so you are not missing out)

Use a recipe from my Healthy Smoothie Post and just pour over your cereal.

By adding protein to your carbohydrates – you will slow the absorption of the sugars to the body. This is a GOOD thing as it will keep your blood sugar levels more balanced and help avoid the 10am CRASH if you have had a typical breakfast of:

  • cereal (carb)
  • milk (carb)
  • juice (carb)

Does that make sense?

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