Fresh Fruit and Mint with Coconut Cream and Chia

by Vashte on November 20, 2013

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Fruit Salad, Chia and Coconut Delight

The food I post is designed to be easy, nutritious and wholesome. I believe in health from the inside out, which is the exact opposite to the way the world is focused. Many people today ‘look’ healthy but just as you don’t judge a book by its cover, neither do you judge the health of a human being by the ‘look’ you are presented with. So many people I know ‘look’ the part but are carrying illnesses you would never dream possible. Many people ‘look’ the part, but when they get home they are tyrants and awful to live with as they insist on starving themselves to maintain the body everyone ‘thinks’ is desirable.

You may be aware I lost my then partner to cancer in 2011- and he was well known on the Coast as a teacher in natural health and supplements. He ‘looked’ the part, but he carried a deep dark secret that you would never know by ‘looking’. Quit the façade people!! Get real and get healthy from the inside out. I am an advocate for health; realistic health; healthy living- mind, body and spirit. Health is not rocket science; but it is facing up to your truths, your reality and not sweeping them under the carpet for vanity’s sake, or any other sake.

One Life Live it Well.

We NEVER get today back. So lets make our ‘todays’ count.

To make this simple, easy, healthy meal all you need is fresh stuff! It is worth buying organic where you can. Pesticides, insecticides, genetically modified foods, chemicals …all contribute to cancer, auto immune disorders and a plethora of other dis-eases we DO NOT have to live with, nor tolerate. Go back to living as much like our grandparents did as we can, and we may well see a marked improvement on our very own health, as well as turn the life expectancy of our children back around to actually outlive parents. Yes, the children being born today are expected to pass away before the parents. We are killing our own children. So lets be part of STOPPING THAT DISGUSTING STATISTIC- WHO IS WITH ME??

That means taking some time and thinking about the foods we eat, and where we get those foods. Yes, it may take a little thought effort. Throw away your microwaves for a start. Make your meals from scratch. Whilst this may sound horrific to some, perhaps many of you once you give it a go, you may astound yourself- as I have astounded myself!! If you had asked me 5 years ago if I knew what a kitchen even WAS … I would have told you in no uncertain terms a kitchen was a waste of space in a house!!! So if I can change- so can you. I am here to give you hope!!! :)

Fruit Salad:

Apples– you must know what they are! I have a favourite apple supplier from my favourite local farmers markets in Burleigh. He has incredibly crispy apples- and the best ever free range eggs. Definitely recommended if you are on the Gold Coast!! Apples will keep you full as they are high in fibre, and therefore will aid in passing solids; alternatively you can choose to run 10km every day to help keep things moving. I know what is easier and tastier 😉 An apple.

Pomegranate– in season now- they are the ‘passionfruit’ to any fruit salad, or green salad- they go with anything. Packed full with anti-oxidants and have a heavenly taste!

Fresh mint – buy it or better still, grow your own. I live in an apartment with searing heat from the sun. Mint is resilient. If I can not kill mint, you wont be able to either! Grow it and add it to any meal you like! I love it with my apples. It freshens any meal, salad- green or fruit. Yum!

You can add any fruit you like to a fruit salad. What do you like? Add your favourite fruit and you have a fruit salad. This fruit salad is not too high in natural sugars (fructose). Sifferent fruits contain different natural sugar levels. if you don’t like too much sweetness and sugar, stick with my simple salad.

I added a little cereal to my fruit salad- just a sprinkling for texture. I am not a fan of cereal but when I do have it, it is always gluten free. The best cereals are seeds only- I don’t eat many grains as my body does not like them glutenfree or not. I have found many people to be the same and many have difficulty processing grains. If you love your cereals- try the seed only cereals. You will not need to eat as much as they swell and expand. These are generally easier to digest.

Coconut, Chia Milk/Mousse.

I have also taken most dairy out of my diet. The exception of late being Greek Yoghurt. I took dairy out as I experience bloating and lethargy after eating it- indicating an intolerance. I get that from Greek Yoghurt too but for some reason of late, I have been permitting myself to eat it despite the consequences. That is weird. Many people put up with this every single day!?? Why??

Instead of dairy there are loads of alternatives. My favourite being Coconut Milk, water and cream; (use coconut oil to cook with). Old school thinking and teaching will have you believe these coconut products are ‘bad’ for you and will make you fat. Nothing could be more wrong. False advertising, misrepresentations of truths, and a lot of money being made by the companies propagating these lies through marketing has the general public believing these lies to be truths. Coconut products can be used and assimilated by the human body readily and easily. Dairy products cannot. Dairy products make me fat. Coconut products help my body release fat as I feed it food that I can use.

Maybe your body is somewhat similar to my adult human body. Food for thought?

How to Make Coconut and Chia Mousse/Dessert:

  • Simply buy a 400gm  can of organic coconut milk or cream from your local supermarket.
  • Add 3-4 tablespoons of chia. There are black or white- both are great.-can also be purchased from the supermarket! Chia is a ‘superfood’- meaning in everyday terms – really good for you and packed with bioavailable nutrients including antioxidants (good stuff!) Chia can also help keep you full as well as clean out unwanted toxins from places in the body they are hiding. Toxins like to hide, stick and stay. Chia are one of many natural foods which can help cleanse the body of such crap. Literally.
  • Mix both together. The chia will start to expand. If you leave the coconut and chia for 15 minutes it may become mousse-like; if you leave it for an hour it will definitely expand to make this viscosity.
  • Most people will like their milk/mousse to be sweeter. You can add raw honey to the mix to sweeten. Or choose stevia. Just add to your taste preference. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is said to be easier for the body to absorb without throwing blood sugar levels off. Again, I am not a fan- try to go sugar free as much as possible- but some days- you just really want something sweet. :)
  • Add to your fruit salad and enjoy your delicious meal!!

When the blood sugar levels in the human body are unbalanced, that is when you experience those ‘çravings’. Everything that you experience in your human body can be explained scientifically. Craving CAN be controlled with the help of a balanced diet. YOU can control your eating and what you desire to eat. Most self confessed chocoholics don’t think this to be humanly possible, but I have seen it time and time again. Everything is logical, everything has an explanation, sometimes we just need to get out of our own way to realise the truth.

Try to eat more and more ‘green, leafy’ foods first. Before you reach for the sugary snack. Once the body reaches a more alkaline state, we can become more capable and in control of our food choices as blood sugars stabilise.  Often we simply no longer ‘feel’ like eating sugary products- as if you never lived with these cravings in the first place. It is not ‘will power’; it IS biochemical- we are made up from chemistry and biology after all. Right?!

Enjoy xx

xx Vashte xx

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