Fresh Vegetables…. ARE Sexy!!!

by Vashte on November 6, 2012

We are not eating enough of them. We are not eating them frequently enough. And when we do eat them, they are often from frozen packets kept in the freezer.

Our society is so microwaved that we want, expect and demand everything on tap and right now. This has produced intensively farmed vegetables as well as meats. It has us reaching for ready made meals lacking in any nutrients whatsoever. We then zap these ‘meals’ in the microwave. To heat an oven up, wait for it to get to the correct temperature and then wait even longer to cook a ready made meal, let alone a meal from scratch.. is too long for our impatient selves. So we choose to microwave all the goodness OUT of what was only slightly edible to start with. Our animals eat higher quality foods than us.  


And we wonder why diseases are rapidly increasing; we wonder why our children as well as 70% of Australian adults are overweight or obese; we wonder why children are rude and obnoxious; we wonder why so many people are dieing TOO YOUNG AND PAINFULLY; and we wonder what can do to possibly stop this? Then we give up hope for the generation and those to come.

If you have never cooked a meal from scratch for your family, may I ask how you can possibly expect your children to know any better? FOOD does NOT come from a cardboard box or a packet. Pretty much EVERYTHING you buy in a plastic packet, cardboard box, tin, paper bag comes from whole food.

Whole food is: food from the earth.. it is not man made.

Be aware that just because it LOOKS healthy, comes in a paper bag and SAYS it is healthy.. does not necessarily mean that it IS healthy! These companies have not become globally dominant by employing stupid people 😉 Smart companies have cottoned on to the fact SOME people are wanting to become more aware of health as well as the environment so market their product to meet that clientele.

Buy whole foods and cook them from scratch! Better still, DON’T cook them – eat as much as you can raw! Go to the farmers markets in the weekends and get fresh produce grown locally! Make a morning of it in the weekends! They have great breakfast options, usually have live music, stalls, and even sell locally produced meats. Often you can get organic produce there too which is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Organic produce actually tastes like real food– try it you will be surprised as to how much you have actually forgotten what  a real apple tastes like… what a real tomato tastes like.. and what real meat tastes like…

How does a person get arsenic poising? By ingesting small amounts on a regular basis.. hmm think of all those pesticides, herbicides, preservatives on the foods you eat. Most people think a little bit wont hurt. Oh really? Then why does a little bit of arsenic cause so much damage. Why would any of these other poisons be ANY different hmm?

Food for thought perhaps?

Stop buying ready made meals, ready made veges, and  convenience foods. How convenient will it be when your body starts to malfunction due to the plethora of chemicals, preservatives and poisons you have happily poured down your throat? Hospital is a festy place, it’s no fun and you don’t belong there.

One life; Live it well. Feed your body whole foods. Loads of green leafy vegetables. Oh, seriously.. you can’t eat too many vegetables and you won’t get fat eating vegetables so there will be no need to DIET… Eat them raw, blanch them, steam them, add seasoning to them, snack on them, drink them as juices..!! Sexy them up!! Yes it is possible!! Don’t buy into the mass marketing of ‘boring’ vegetables!! Vegetables rock!! They keep you regular (oh yes), they keep the fat OFF, and they keep your mind alert, as well as your skin clear and give you loads of energy!!

Go to town on your vegetables! Ditch the packaged lifestyle and CHOOSE life. Bounce off the walls till your time is up!! Don’t be the one with the alert mind and the failing body locked up in a hospital, or nursing home. Be the one overflowing with life and energy every single day of your life here on earth.

Choose vegetables. Organic if you can. And eat them like they are going out of fashion – which they never will. Choose 5 servings of vegetables per day, and make as many as possible green leafy veges. Watch as your body responds in health and vitality. You will never pick up a bottle of Red Bull again and your eyes will shine brighter than the stars twinkling in the summer skies.

To your health- get alkaline – eat your greens!!!



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