10 Foods I Avoid Like The Plague!!!

by Vashte on July 11, 2013

3 meals a day….6 meals a day…. fasting… juicing….binging….fat free…sugar-free….gluten free….wholefoods….fastfoods….paelo…. high protein diets- low protein diets…. DIETS….. ?????!!!!!!



What is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ when it comes to food choice?!

There is no quick fix out there for anyone.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We are all unique. We are all beautiful. We are all individual.

Find your own glove, find your own shoe that fits and suits you where you are at today. Something to fit your lifestyle. Something that fits where you want to go and what you want to achieve.  We are all our own guinea pig! So deal with it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it..and lighten up on the whole ‘food matters’ topic or you will find yourself totally discombobulated! Enjoy the learning curve and the freedom in falling in love with the process.

Now just because you see bodies on the net, in magazines, in films and visual media looking toned, taut and ‘terrific’, doesn’t necessarily mean these are people who have the answers to a healthier way of living. We all have personal issues, and many- not all– but many, carry eating disorders masked by an ability to discipline themselves to a given date- for the photoshoot or specific event. After that, all hell breaks loose. Weight can gained faster than you think humanly possible through massive bingeing, then plunging into self hatred. So… perhaps you have more in common with these ideal bodied people than you first imagined. Or perhaps you dont experience such highs and lows with your diet, but you just cant seem to get it right?

Well, whatever your case- you are unique. You are important. And isn’t it time you got your head around ‘being healthy’ and ‘how to be healthy?’

No one is ever alone in their discombobulated world! We are all so similar in so many ways- and yet so unique! The issue is, that when we succumb to the discombobulation- we have a tendency to withdraw from the world. Keep our issues a secret. ”No one should know of this discombobulation”. They would think we had totally lost the plot... in reality there are more people out there walking through the same issues you walk through every single day. You just dont know it because they keep their discombobulation hidden away too!

A secret is always dangerous. It will fester and grow into something bigger than what it is when fed continually. It grows like fungi does in a dark, warm space. Better to turn the light on it. For when the light shines bright, and secrets are brought into the open- their importance and hold over us diminishes, sometimes instantaneously. Other times with a bit of work. Either way, brought into the light- the truth is revealed and help can be at hand. If you want it. No more discombobulation and, as cute as that word is, when you are sitting in the middle of discombobulation- it aint cute. It aint pretty. And it certainly aint fun.

  • Take a deep breathe.
  • Relax.
  • And listen to your body.

If some part of you is crying out for more of what you really know, deep down, you just dont want, perhaps you might like to ask for some kind of coach or guide to walk with you through your darkness, and into the light. Someone to hold your hand, and walk beside you. Someone to encourage you when the going gets tough.

Stop the war within yourself. You can stop that fight between what YOU know YOU want in life, and what you so often end up doing, almost unconsciously. You don’t have to be at war with your mind and your body. It is healthy NOT to be at war between your mind and your body. Perhaps a fresh approach could be considered? If you would like to know more on what and how I coach people, perhaps much like yourself, out of discombobulation and into freedom, I invite you to send me a personal message. I will get back to you and we can have an easy going chat. That simple. :)

Heart filled with love

What are good healthy food choices?

Is fat-free healthy?

My stomach bloats after I eat food. Why?

I am a sugar addict!

I am a chocaholic!

I get so confused about what is healthy!

I get told so many different things. What is right?

As I mentioned before, everyone is different and unique. Each person requires a unique approach- there is no shoe that fits all. That is a FACT. What works for one person, is not necessarily going to work for you.

  • Listen to your gut-literally. If it feels good eating it and after eating it, if you feel energised, vibrant and alive, it might be good for you.
  • If you choose healthy, live, vibrant foods made by our beautiful Earth, not manipulated and synthesised by man, it is likely to be good for you.
  • If you enjoy a variety of healthy, live foods and rarely experience ‘cravings’ for processed, man made, fast-food style ‘food’, you likely already have a well balanced diet.

These are general, very basic starting blocks I choose to live by with my eating plan for me. It works for me. Any insatiable desire for a specific food group usually indicates an imbalance of nutrients in my body. Become aware of these ‘desires and cravings’ , learn how to avoid them, as well as balance them.

10 Foods I CHOOSE to avoid like the plague.

These are not ‘foods’ to me. They are dead, worthless, poor-excuses and ingredients added to our everyday diet because they are:

  • cheap, therefore gain more profit margin for the creators or manufacturer
  • cause the body to want to eat more- addictive
  • carcinogenic- terminal illness causing
  • nutritionally dead, containing empty calories. The body consumes them but it remains hungry thus causes you to eat more- essentially ingesting more calories for no energy gain, no positive gain- producing a very efficient fat storing house– in your body
  • zero calories yet causes the body to gain weight
  • toxic to the human body

1. Artificial Colours and Sweetener. All of them.

Carcinogenic. Toxic to my body, possibly yours too. Please do your research om these. Click Here for a start on research into the dangers of this evil substance.

2. Popular Cereals.

If it is advertised on TV, it is probably all sugar, and artificial colours and sweeteners. Children’s cereals are filled to the brim with these toxic ingredients. Adults versions usually come packed with sugar in all forms and useless carbohydrates (nutritionally dead carbs), sugar, processed dead honey,  then ‘fortified with protein’. Hilarious- how they can get away with stripping all goodness from the original content then ‘fortifying them with other useless so-called nutrients’ astounds me. We must be Eskimos having ice sold to us. Don’t believe the marketing- marketing Execs get paid A LOT of money to bamboozle you and I!!! Click HERE to take a look at a secondary opinion on this matter.

3. Processed Sugar – anything.

Like Sugar?

Refined sugar is processed. It is nutritionally dead. All it is good for is getting you hooked faster than a speeding bullet, feeding any illness in your body, especially serious and terminal illness, and is nutritionally devoid of any benefit to the human body aside from helping to inflame and toxify you- hence increasing the size of your fat cells- reducing your enthusiasm in life, reducing energy (oxymoron isn’t it), throwing your blood sugar balance into absolute chaos.. and a plethora of other equally horrifying events. Virtually all man made food contains high amounts of worthless, addictive sugar. Ever wondered why you just looove the smell of certain breads and buns as you walk past sandwich shops or fast food outlets, bakeries… its the sugar that gets you each and every time. More addictive than cocaine. And sugar is legal. Sold to children every day. By the bucket-load. Do your research! You could start Here.

4. Protein Bars. Muesli/Health Bars- chocolate AND yoghurt covered..

Ever wondered why these can sit on the shelves and ….never go off? If you haven’t, now is a good time to ponder that question! If it wont rot; if an ant wont touch it, what do you think it will do inside your amazing body? Generally speaking these ‘things’ marketed at you as being ‘healthy’ are big fat LIES. Usually filled with artificial sweeteners, colours; processed sugars, carbs that turn STRAIGHT into sugar once consumed, then covered in poor quality chocolate or yoghurt (much the muchness- both crap your body just cant use), poor quality honey devoid of nutritional benefit. In essence, a more expensive adult version of a lolly. Toxic waste you are dumping into your gut. Then it has to try to process that and get it out, one way of the other. Poop it out, store it as a toxin in your fat cells, sweat it out (ahh.. possible source of B.O). Added protein?! Awesome- even more expensive toxic waste product. Know what you are eating then make an informed decision- its your body- do with it what you like! Homemade? yay go for gold. Prepackaged with a use by date longer than 3 months- dont touch it! Make your own!!!Easy- click here for great recipe ideas!

5.Microwaved Foods.

Click here to begin your research on why I believe the microwave destroys any and all goodness in foods today. Throw it away!

6. Fizzy Drinks- especially DIET fizzy drinks.

The list keeps building: pro-aging (ewww); use of GMO ingredients (we may grow three heads one day- the jury is out on GMO’s if you ask the authorities likely due to the amount of money they get paid to sit back and say nothing but again…dig a little to find the truth); artificial sweeteners and colours; alters hormones- we are unstable enough as it is…); belly bloat; weight gain, weight gain in wacky places;  cavity rot….- start your own investigation HERE.

7. Bread.

When I ran out of glue as a child I would mix flour and water to make… GLUE. So can you please tell the difference between my homemade glue and the bread you buy from the supermarket? Ahhh your bread takes 10 days to rot as they now kindly add preservatives to STOP IT ROTTING!!! YAY!!! Be comforted in the fact that when you do eat your glue sandwiches, they may be lucky enough to clog up your system for 10 days as they wait to digest!! That’s just lovely!!! Don’t think them adding ‘seeds and nuts, colouring it brown and adding fortified proteins to your glue will help either!!! These ingredients are not designed to be stored, packaged or eaten in this manner, so will usually result in a toxic, inflammatory response once eaten… you know that bloated, tired, lethargic, gassy feeling. Its not normal. You shouldn’t feel this way after food. But wait, you haven’t just eaten food- you just ate glue- so it stands to reason. Don’t let them FOOL you with their marketing techniques!! Save yourself!!

8. Gluten and  MSG.

  • Gluten: in common bread, pastas, pre made sauces, pizza bases, takeout foods.
  • MSG: virtually all South East Asian and Chinese take out foods; spicey , hot fried stuff like chips; pack soups; most prepacked food items actually.

Want to get fat fast? Click HERE  to see how scientists fatten up mice (as there is no such thing as a fat healthy mouse- they are always lean, mean and fighting fit till we get hold of them). Scientists fatten mice for use in experiments by feeding them non other than MSG. Fastest way to get a mouse fat. Same deal with the human body too it seems. Nice, and its legal.It is found in the majority of our man made foods.  And we eat it. Well- now you choose.

9. Pre-made sauces of any description.

Laced with processed sugars, then more sugar; add in cheap ingredients; gluten; MSG and therein lies a concoction certainly not fit for human consumption. Well not in this body baby!!!

10.Processed meats.

Sausages, gluten free or not. WHAT is that thing stuffed with??!!! NOONE really ever knows!!!!……

Patties, or any ready made, sauce covered pieces of ‘meat’, or meat substitute.  They want to use all of the animal– entrails and all..great way to disguise it. Stuff it, grind it, mulch it and make it look pretty- the masses with shove it down their throats!! And.. make it cheap, but sell it as ‘healthy’.. that will fool them! and it does. Heart foundation tick? I stay away from that tick. Its not all its cracked up to be- who set that pyramid standard anyway?

Meat substitute patties, sausages, …weird looking items…. same deal as sausages and patties- just stuffed with soy products (bad bad and even more bad!!!); remnants of leftovers, chemicals and synthesized product. Just dont do it- EVEN IF IT IS LABELLED NATURAL AND GLUTEN FREE. Don’t believe it!!!!

So read the ingredient list for your processed ‘goods’, then decide if it is fit for your human consumption, or for the bin. You wouldn’t even feed your dog this quality food- why are you eating it?

Interesting fact– if an ingredient used in a product makes up less than 5% of the ingredient list… it can be LEFT OFF THE INGREDIENT LIST.

This means, a GLUTEN FREE product can contain 4.9% GLUTEN and STILL BE LISTED AS GLUTEN FREE…….. Do you still want to rely on other people’s pre-made produce for your source of healthy living when it could be based on lies?

Choose healthy, live vibrant foods, that rot if you dont use them! Find farmers markets for fresh produce. Choose organic when you can. These simple things could start you on your way to a healthy YOU!!

If you would like to discuss with me further my style of coaching out of the discombobulated mess we sometimes find ourselves in, feel free to contact me!!Subscribe to my posts if you like what you see, and I will send you a weekly update of the latest and greatest on www.vashte.com :)

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