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by Vashte on August 15, 2013

Tart, Zesty, Packed with Vitamins, Alkalise, Cleanse, Detox

Lemon and Ginger

I’m noticing an increase in strategically placed cold and flu pharmaceutical remedies in the shop of late.. the change in season is bringing a few immune systems down perhaps? Mine took a slight dive this week- due to plummeting iron levels. I really must remember to eat red meat more often, as well as supplement. I definitely prefer my white meat and vegetables!

Here is a deliciously easy drink to whip up any time of the day. It is mostly touted as the best drink first thing in the morning for its alkalising and weightloss benefits but as I say, can be enjoyed any time of the day, preferably about 15-30 minutes before you eat to aid digestion as well as increase vitamins in the body hence helping to prevent the cold and flu symptoms. A simple version is plain old lemon juice and warm water- anyone can do that so no excuses, and yes you can add some honey if you need the tartness reduced. If you like to be sugar free, ditch the honey and add rice bran syrup instead- available from Coles in the health food section. Bob’s your uncle- well he is mine anyway.

To make mine even more tasty and overflowing with even more health benefits I add ginger, from the root- so you need a blender. The real thing is always best; as well as freshly picked mint, and organic linseeds that have been soaked in water for a minimum of 6 hours.

Why is lemon and water good for you?

1.  Alkalise the Body. Lemons are said to be one of the most alkalising foods for the body. They contain both citric and ascorbic acids which, once metabolised by the body, these acids actually help the mineral content of the lemon to alkalise our blood. There have been many papers written discussing how dis-ease states in the human body will only occur in an acidic environment.. nothing is ”proven” or we would all know about it surely? ;).. but it would appear that when the body is in homeostasis and in a state of health it spends more time in an alkaline state, and dis-ease does not appear to survive in an alkaline environment.

2. Reduces inflammation.  One of the primary causes of inflammation and pain is uric acid in the joints. By removing the overall acidity of the body, uric acid can be removed reducing pain and inflammation. Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) is high in lemons – also highly anti-inflammatory.

3. Strengthens the immune system. Grandmother was right when she said to drink your hot lemon when you get a cold. Better still drink it when you are healthy as a preventative as opposed to chasing your tail when it is too late. Yes, lemons are traditionally high in vitamin C – get organic – so can help ward off the common cold and increase your vitamin intake. Particularly helpful for us girls as well.. many of us are low in iron; if you are supplementing it is wise to take your iron supplements with Vitamin C for better absorption of iron. They work hand in hand.

4. Brain Power! Lemons contain potassium which helps to stimulate brain and nerve function. My secret is out 😉 Potassium also aids blood pressure and works hand in hand with magnesium (many athletes are deficient in magnesium).

5. Weight Loss. Can aid weight loss for two reasons. 1. Lemons contain pectic fibre which may reduce hunger. 2. Lemons assist in alkalising the body which can aid digestion. The more alkaline food you eat, the easier it can be for the body to digest. Foods that may help alkalise the body are fresh, raw foods- green leafy vegetables- uncooked is best but lightly steamed is OK too; salads with no dressing;  fruits but a good rule of thumb for me is to eat more vegetables than fruit. Eat more freshly grown foods, sprinkle lemon over top and watch to see if you too digest your food easier, resulting in fatloss and weightloss!

6. Digestion. If you have ever experienced a colonic irrigation you have probably been told the average human body is estimated to be carrying around 2-8 kgs of undigested food in the colon. Nice…. I would imagine some people carry even more due to the poor food choices and lifestyle choices they engage in. This means the food being consumed is not being passed in a healthy time frame. When food sits in our bodies, or gets stuck, it ferments and rots providing a breeding ground for parasites and disease. Lemon juice can help flush out unwanted, materials and toxins as it encourages the liver to produce bile required for digestion. As many people in the developed world have a slow and sluggish digestive tract, lemon juice can be a simple, natural answer to a constipating problem.  Yes, lemon juice in warm water helps stimulate bowel movements. Just get it out of your body!!

7.  Lemon juice can also reduce and or relieve indigestion, heartburn and gas. Both ends.

8. Detoxify.  Not only will lemon juice aid the removal of solids, but lemon juice is also a diuretic. Because the rate of urination is increased, toxins are flushed at a faster rate through the urinary tract system so can help reduce symptoms of cystitis. Enzyme function in the body is assisted by citric acid found in lemon juice, stimulating the liver increasing detoxification.

9 Antioxidants!! Yay!!! Packed with antioxidants which destroy those mean and nasty free radicals found in all that processed, packaged foods and our toxic environment! More of the good guys please!! Vitamin C and antioxidants also help clear your skin- stands to reason if your colon and urinary tract are being flushed clean! And can help to decrease wrinkles!!! Double yay! Decrease blemishes!!! Triple yay!!! AND can help kill some types of bacteria known to cause acne. Aids healing and can reduce scars and age spots. Lemon juice cleans the body from the inside out.. this is such an important way to work with your body. Today, we treat the symptom, not the cause. If you treat the cause, and work from the inside out, you will experience long term, long lasting, effective and efficient benefits. Your body will love you for it. Perhaps you wont need that face lift after all. Just drink lemon juice! Cleanse, detoxify, heal your body. Naturally, easily!

10 Breath freshener. Especially when combined with ginger and mint! Better than the horrid mouth wash available from the shops which kill your good bacteria along with the bad.. resulting in a dependency on their product. Funny that.  Be aware that citric acid can erode tooth enamel so don’t pour lemon juice straight into your mouth.. I know you want to… Lemons can help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis but given this issue why not swish warm water and Himalayan salt in your mouth for those issues. Far more effective and less to concern yourself with.

The most effective and safe way to enjoy your warm lemon concoction is to drink it 15 -30 minutes before meals. Do not brush your teeth straight after drinking lemon drinks. The corrosive nature of the toothpaste bought in shops is a bad combination with lemon. Wait at least 30 minutes after lemon (if you haven’t eaten) and wash your mouth out with filtered water.

Why do I add ginger to my warm lemon drink?

Lemon and Ginger2

I love the taste! It aids digestion; helps to clear the sinus, throat and nose congestion (the cold!); is anti-inflammatory; and warms me up from the inside out! Once again working from the inside out! Works a treat every time!! The best ginger is fresh from the ginger root so now we are talking using a blender. But life without a blender is not worth living!!

Add Soaked ORGANIC Linseeds. They HAVE to be organic or they just don’t work. I have experimented with this fact. You can now buy linseeds from the supermarket. They don’t do what ORGANIC linseeds do. Organic linseeds pick up any undigested food in the colon and shuffle it out quick, smart thank you very much. Want to lose weight? Get some soaked ORGANIC linseeds into you and you will soon be 2-5 kgs lighter. Now that is scary. Add them to your concoction and blend them up. Soaking them activates them. Explanation of ”activates them”: nuts and seeds have a protective coating on them protecting them from predators. ie from being eaten. You are a predator. When you soak nuts and seeds for approx 6-12 hours you release the protective coating and our bodies can now absorb the nutrients we need from them. As opposed to eating them and passing them (hopefully) without attaining the goodness they hold. Understand?

Linseeds from the supermarket are sprayed with the usual chemicals, and therefore are dead to our bodies. No good what so ever. They don’t work. You will only add to the rotting remnants in your colon by eating them. Don’t do it, get organic or none at all.

I grow my own herbs in a pot plant on my balcony. Hey! If I can do it- you can defiantly do it! Mint is almost impossible to kill.. I have done it.. but that is me.!!! Fresh mint… yummo!! Also enhances the quality of your breath as well.. why else would they make the fake stuff, and sell it as chewing gum loaded with artificial carcinogenic flavours, colours and sweeteners?!Grow the real thing! Add it to your lemon drink and enjoy!!!

Beat the cold and flu naturally and deliciously!!

xx Vashte xx
















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