Don’t Get Caught With Egg on Your Face!

by Vashte on July 26, 2013

MBD Omelette

Breakfasts. Some days you are hungry, others you are not. Either way it is important to get something to your stomach within 1 and half hours of rising to aid  your digestion and metabolism. I have posted on what I do first thing to ease myself into the world; click HERE for that info.

If your main goal is fat-loss (which equates to 80% of my clients male or female) then following those steps can definitely help.

On the days your body asks for a cooked breaky, or more substantial meal instead of opting for sugar laden cereals as many people do- consider whipping up an omelette. Seriously these are fast, easy and incredibly healthy! Not to mention delicious! And if you are like me, and need time to master the omelette – turn it into scrambled eggs if it becomes a flop! -Well it turns itself into scrambled eggs for you so there you go! No biggy! Same ingredients, just looks messier- and can save time if you are multi tasking.. often the case in the mornings!

My omelette turned scrambled eggs:

Vashte's scrambled egg omelette

The omelette featured at the top is not made by me- look at the professionalism in the photo! I have yet to produce such fluffy egg whites- this is a mission in progress. I will achieve it soon! In the mean time, there is a fabulous deli in Broadbeach called MBD’s-Acronym for Manolas Brothers’ Delicatessen. A favourite brunch hangout of mine for many reasons:

  • their delicious egg white omelette
  • their ‘healthy choice breakfast’ consisting of poached eggs, avocado, perfect spinach, tomato and delicious tomato chutney serve on the side. Served on bread- they do gluten free so happy days for me if I’m eating bread at the time! Click HERE for their breakfast menu.
  • their beautiful fresh juices
  • and their mouthwatering plethora of yummy treats placed higgilty-piggilty all over the place. It is the ideal deli :) It is like stepping into somewhere straight out of Europe! Let your eyes wander as you scan the counter for sweet treats; savoury treats; delicious salads and then find treasured in the fridges and stocked on the shelves. If you are a foodie you will think you have just died and stepped into deli heaven !! Just go there if you are on the Gold Coast! You won’t be disappointed :)

Staying on topic: omelettes – well, I have already told you theirs is divine- then I add salmon. Mmm mmm. Egg white omelettes are not so common as a staple on a menu and many chef’s just flat refuse to do them so immediately this cafe rates highly in Vashte’s world of food!! AND they are perfect as you can clearly see. It is fabulous to dine out but not everyone has to ability to do so everyday- so you can make your own at home any time, any day. Just copy the professionals!

If you think discarding the yolk is a waste (it is) then make yours with the whole egg. To the great majority of people eating a few yolks is NOT going to cause you to gain fat.. the yolk contains Omega 3 fat (amongst other things) and is incredibly good fat for your body (ahem AIDS fatloss)- and we need this good fat. (Please consider that latte you are drinking each day, or that sneaky chocolate bar, or the glass of wine and ditch those as opposed to the yolks) 😉 – Perspective and reality check peps :)

Either way you can easily make a delicious breakfast, containing great protein from organic free range eggs, (or your own if you have your own chooks!); loads of leafy greens, and any veges you particularity like or have a hankering for; spice it up with fresh herbs, some Himalayan salt and pepper and voila– you have your own gourmet style breakfast/brunch fit for any quality deli! Whilst you perfect your omelette – you will likely create a variety in styles of scrambled eggs! But hey- it doesn’t matter does it!

Here is my version:

Vashte's homemade omelette

A breakfast like this does not take long to whip up. Don’t let your mind tell you it does. It doesn’t. When you feel like a wholesome breakfast, have it. A good breakfast (after your lemon and green drink) will help sustain you through to lunch time. It can help reduce the 10am sugar cravings- so eliminate the coffee or chocolate hit – and keep your mind focused on the job at hand- as opposed to daydreaming about food. Our bodies are machines- if you fill them with poor quality fuel how can you expect them to function at optimum levels?

Mindful eating means enjoyable eating creating a lifestyle of abundant eating!!! No diets allowed!! When you fill your body with healthy food, it craves healthy foods, and keeps you alert, alive and vibrant, and drops excess weight as a sidekick!!  This really is not rocket science- and it IS easy once you learn the basics. Because the basics are where the change happens. When you spot a DIET cutting out healthy foods… run like the wind. Opt for healthy long term changes, that are sustainable to you and to your family. Go back to the way our grandparents and their parents ate- start making your own food from scratch, and watch how fast your body responds!!

Love your life! Love your food without obsessing over it.

Omelette stuffed with fresh goodness

Omelettes: You need a pan;  use coconut oil to help stop it from sticking;  use 3 whole eggs or 6 egg whites (thereabouts), whisk them up in a bowl- the more fluffy you make them the fluffier your omelette is likely to turn out; pour your egg mixture onto your heated pan (med heat); either add your greens and chosen toppings on top of your eggs mixture in the pan, or you can saute your toppings separately in another pan using coconut oil then fold them in like my MBD omelette.

Toppings: Add salmon;  sprinkle some feta cheese over top; try sun dried tomatoes; olives – just use whatever is in your pantry!

Flip your omelette if you can- this is the tricky bit .. so here is the deciding factor as to whether you get an omelette or scrambled eggs! Either way- delicious!

Plate up!

Have fun mastering the omelette and it’s creation. Enjoy your scrambled eggs as I have done many a time! This is a wholesome, light but filling breakfast to help aid your goals to fatloss, health and vibrant living! You can always let me know any variations, or recommend my any delis where they know how to serve an omelette to write home about!-Like MBD’s in Broadbeach!!!  I love my brunch in the weekends and an omelette is a high favourite pick!!

Enjoy xx

xx Vashte xx



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