Detox. Celery, Fresh Basil and Goji

by Vashte on March 21, 2014

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detox. Celery, Basil, Goji Smoothie

Vegetables ARE sexy. I have written about that before HERE; and I will continue to write about it until I cant write or speak any more! They are the elixir of life if you ask me. The natural cleansers to the body, mind and Spirit. What we eat directly and indirectly affects the physical state of the body, which in turn affects the thoughts we think, the moods we experience and how we then see and experience the world. When we are stuffed like fat pigs on home delivered pizza and fizzy drink we wonder why we have no energy to even get up off the couch to do the dishes. Home delivered pizza comes in a cardboard box so no dishes… But who is getting up to put the box in the rubbish? Noone.  They are all too tired. Cant be bothered.

Question: after eating all the ‘food’; why is it that noone is asking the obvious? With so much ‘food’ wouldn’t we expect to be buzzing round with energy? I mean, food is our fuel right? We should be loaded with fuel and bouncing off the walls!!!

The answer to that is this: that type of ‘food’ is not actually food at all. We are overfed and under  nourished. If you haven’t heard this before, I expect you will soon become more aware of this as fact. In developed and developing nations the issue of food ‘shortage’is being solved, but under nourishment continues to thrive. This results in the over weight and obese ‘epidemic’ we are seeing in our very own backyards, if not homes. We are eating ‘food’, sometimes we think we are eating ‘healthy’ foods; but we continue to get fatter, get sicker, get more and more tired.

I’m not one for missing out. In fact I will do all I can to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. Especially the fun.

Food is fun!! I’m not missing out.

While my green smoothie may not look like a whole heap of fun to someone who loves home delivered pizza; I bet some of my chocolate treats look like a whole heap of fun. Click HERE for some of those.

But my question remains open to you home delivered  pizza lovers. Why are you so sick, tired and almost dead? I’m sorry but that IS how you feel often right? huh. Wouldn’t you like to feel healthy, alive and bouncing with fun? You CAN if you really want.

I used to have a problem with SUGAR. I couldn’t have a block of chocolate in the house or it would be gone in one sitting. I know some if you can relate. No biscuits, especially not chocolate; no ‘treats’ allowed in my house or near me, or they would literally be inhaled. Sometimes without me even realising what I was doing. Did that make me a pig? No. But that IS what I called myself.

What that made me is human. If I keep putting sugar, wheat, dairy, artificial sweeteners, flavours; packaged ‘foods’ into my body- my body will demand that I eat more. Sugar is highly addictive. There is very little nutritional value from any of these ingredients to the human body. What they do contain are calories.FAT calories. Because these calories remain mostly undigested by the human body. So we are in essence training our bodies extremely well in how to become amazing fat storing machines.

I was a fat storing machine. I craved the foods my body couldn’t digest. I thought I was pretty healthy, but had these episodes where I just felt like a good ‘pig out’. Do you ever REALLY feel full after one of those? Or just SICK? Think about it. Really, eating to the point of popping… is it sickness you are feeling as opposed to fullness? Interesting how you will often continue eating more of the same ‘food” if it sits in front of you an hour later…. perhaps because there is no nutritional value to that food.. could your body still think it is hungry?  My bet is you are still hungry. That is why we can eat such quantities. = Over fed and undernourished.

If you plug into my recipes you can still enjoy the sweetness. You can still enjoy pizza- better pizza. You can still enjoy taste, and deliciousness. Why should you miss out?

What you WILL miss out on is EMPTY calories, turning your bodies into efficient fat storing machines. Instead you will turn your bodies into fat BURNING machines by eating WHOLEFOOD; REAL food. Food made easy.  Subscribe to my website to stay tuned for:

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Here is a green smoothie. Why sugar coat it. I hate the stuff- sugar. No thanks. Take a walk sugar!!! I am here to Live Life OutLoud for a very long time and it sure won’t happen if SUGAR is part of my diet. Goodbye. Green smoothies are an easy and awesome way to cleanse the body from toxins. Toxins hang out in FAT. So that means, if I drink a green smoothie a day (or more if want…) I will help my body to move the toxins out, as well as the FAT. Bring it ON!!! Toxins HAVE to come out one way or the other or they will KILL. Fact. They can come out on the skin (I experience this on my face. It really sucks). Or, easier- they can come out when I poop. I much prefer this method. Usually far less traumatic than my face breaking out. They come out via sweat- BO= toxin overload. They come out via urine- urine shouldn’t smell strong.

If you think you could do with a good clean out, then try this green smoothie. Get my other green smoothie recipes and play with them- make them taste good for you so that you keep drinking them. The more you drink them the more you love them and the less extra sugar you need in your life. Its true! Try it for two weeks and then tell me I’m wrong! HERE are more green smoothie recipes:) trust me- you are sweet enough already…. too sweet. Come walk on the alkaline side with me!

Go to town on them!

Celery, Basil and Goji Smoothie

Detox. Celery Goji Smoothie

While other people reach for chocolate, I reach for a green smoothie. 90%green veges and an apple thrown in for a hint of sweetness.
Ginger for zest and to calm my stomach.
Slippery elm to encourage ease of bowel movement :)
Lemon for that sweet and sour experience.
Loads of celery, hint of spinach, green capsicum because they are the greens I have in my fridge!!
Fresh basil from my balcony. Loads of that. It’s the secret ingredient.
Filleted water and ice.
Happy stomach, happy body, happy mind :)

Exact Ingredients:

200 mls filtered water, some ice

6 stalks organic celery

The remainder or the baby spinach in my fridge (not much!)

1/2 green capsicum

1 lemon

1 apple

Ginger. I use a lot because I ike it.

2 Tablespoons Slippery Elm Powder

Fresh basil from my balcony- as much as i like

Top with goji berries.

Happy detox and cleanse. Your body will love you for it.

xx Vashte xx

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