Cottage Cheese on Toast

by Vashte on January 17, 2012

Low Fat Cottage Cheese on Gluten Free Toast

Practical breakfast for people on the run.

I’ve got marmite under there – and I KNOW thats not everyone’s cup of tea – so take that or leave it. That is up to you.

Add grated green veges on top if you like. Choose zucchini.

I have zata on top- same thing as dukkah – its a Mediterranean topping usually used for oil and bread. It adds flavour without calories.

Use paprika to aid your digestion.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Although I have said this is a good breakfast for people on the run… NEVER eat on the run. Your digestion is compromised due to high stress levels. You may not psychologically register that you have actually eaten!! People who eat on the run often find themselves overeating and ‘thinking’ they are hungr, when they ARE NOT.

MAKE yourself  SIT and eat for 5-10 minutes, and if you just can’t make the time =- GET UP 10 MINUTES EARLIER.


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