Coconut Water and Flesh

by Vashte on December 2, 2013

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Fresh Young Coconuts. I love them. Have you tried them? Due to the recent rise in popularity and marketing, coconut has become more of a common ingredient added to our diets. But are you choosing the real thing, or the now, very popular canned or cartoned version?

Coconut Water – The water itself is the liquid found in the coconut. It contains live enzymes which can aid our bodies in many ways. One very important factor is in digestion. However, once the water comes into contact with the air in our environment, these enzymes start to die off pretty quickly. The cartoned and packaged versions of coconut water, contain very little, if any, enzymes to assist our bodies in this manner. I might also point out that although your can says 100% natural, that claim may not be 100% true. You might find it interesting to learn that if a product has ingredients added to it, and those ingredients do not make up more than 5% of the end product, those added ingredients do not need to be labelled. You might like to watch that. The use of the words: ‘natural’; 100% natural” or similar are not clearly defined by law, so …pretty much anyone can call pretty much anything ‘natural’, be blatantly lying to you, and face absolutely zero consequences. And.. not all things that are natural are good for us.

MSG can be called, and is called, ”natural flavouring”, ”natural sweetener”- as an example. Most people in the Western world would rather not add MSG to our diets if we can help it, but we are mislead and misguided by the companies who know exactly what they are doing when they fade over such descriptions leading ,me and you, the consumer up the garden path as they skip along their merry way.

So.. just be aware of how many (most) companies selling you stuff just don’t care for your health; the truth and are absolutely not concerned about providing us with the best product. But they do care about how much money they earn.

That aside- I am talking about fresh coconut water and how much I love this too. As well as oil!! You might guess that I am going to encourage you to head off and get the real thing! They are sold in supermarkets and have been for as long as I can remember but they are not the brown, hairy ones you may instantly thing of when visualising a coconut.  The brown, hairy ones are older coconuts. The flesh is thicker and harder. The water has changed completely and there is not a lot of water in the brown coconut as the water has become flesh. Those coconuts are used predominately for the flesh, and cooking.

The young coconut is green on the outside when you find it in the tropics, but is white in the supermarket. They have tided it up for us. You get into a fresh, young coconut with a very sharp, huge knife. It takes a knack and one I am still not so great at! This can be an issue for some but.. as with most things in life it is worth the effort. Not only is coconut water delish; it is greatly refreshing and hydrating; contains enzymes which may aid digestion and metabolism; and coconut water is a good source of electrolytes potassium and sodium. The natural sugars are low and the water itself is approximately 99% fat free. Not that I care about fat content from a coconut. I do care about fat content in a cake, and type of fat it is- but not from a coconut. In fact I frequently add the flesh to the water and blend it up to make a beautiful creamy, refreshing drink – as I have done in the pictures provided. Coconut water and flesh

The flesh is where the fat content is found in the coconut. As I have mentioned previously, coconut oil and fat can be used to aid weightloss. Not all fat is fat that makes you fat. Again, the war on fat is just another marketing fallacy dreamt up by big business wanting to keep us unhealthy. Well- these are my thoughts and my page, so I’m sharing them with anyone who cares to listen :) Perhaps I can encourage just one other person to wake up, as I did too.

The flesh from the young coconut is usually white. It should be thin and relatively slimy in texture. Not solid like the brown, older coconut. The flesh is also delicious and incredibly good for us. If I choose to just drink the coconut water on its own, then I either eat the flesh straight away or store it for use in a smoothie. Another option – add it to that night’s dinner- it is great in curries. Eating fresh, young coconuts, and drinking their water does not MAKE a person fat. Cakes and biscuits can  make a person fat. Chocolate will help you gain weight; and so will fizzy drinks, fast food, and pretty much anything from a packet made by man.

Coconuts are great for us internally and externally. Go do a little research and read up on all the benefits coconuts have on offer. You will only get people putting down God’s food when they are trying to encourage you to buy their manmade, highly processed foods they make themselves. Further note:  just because there is some random stranger holding some random qualification endorsing a product, does not mean it is good for us. Remember, these people get paid well for endorsing products; there is always a motive behind their madness.

Head down to your local supermarket today and grab a coconut. Crack it open and enjoy nature at its best.

Awesome for after a good workout, or just whilst you are lying by the pool soaking up the summer rays.

xx Enjoy xx

xx Vashte xx




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