Organic Coconut Sugar

by Vashte on May 16, 2014

I quite like fresh coconut.

You may have noticed a number of my recipes include coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flower nectar, coconut cream, coconut flakes, desiccated coconut, and coconut sugar. …the list goes on…:) coconut water

 Fresh is always best. Coconut water for example, is easily accessible from any supermarket in the fresh produce section as a fresh, real McCoy young baby coconut. Young coconut is white on the outside, very different to the brown skin of an older coconut. Old coconuts have very little water and thick flesh inside. These are not the coconuts I use in my kitchen. You just need a butchers knife to crack the sucker open. I can do it, so you can too. Coconut water sold in cartons and cans has pretty much lost all nutritional benefit and is just another form of lolly water, despite them having only one ingredient listed: coconut water.  Preservatives are added to keep the coconut water shelf stable- thus rendering it …lolly water. (Makes you feel healthy buying it do a whole heap of other non healthy items marketing as ‘healthy’ on our shelves, with a very ‘healthy’ $ value. Buyer beware). I still drink it occasionally but I am aware that it is just another form of lolly water, and that is my choice, fully armed with this  knowledge! Better than any fizzy drink hands down.

coconut flesh and water

I’ve been playing with organic coconut sugar a bit lately. I made some delicious icecream..yummmmmm. If you like toffee, go buy some organic coconut sugar from your local health store. Sugar is sugar my friends. We all eat too much of the stuff and I am not a huge fan but sometimes a bit of extra sweetness is nice. Choosing Organic Coconut Sugar could be a more healthful option of you are starting on the road to healthful eating, have a sweet tooth, or just want to add another great ingredient to your more healthful pantry.

icecream by

Coconut Sugar is a little ‘brown sugar’ tasting. It is mineral rich; has a low GI of 35 (so is less likely to spike blood sugar levels resulting in cravings and mood swings..) and is a great cane sugar alternative, well actually… any sugar alternative especially table sugar. Throw that shyte out!! Right now!!) Coconut Sugar is produced from the coconut palm blossom before the nut is formed. It is a crystallised version of coconut flower nectar which is also deliciously sweet. Coconut Flower Nectar comes in a syrup form, much like golden syrup- but much healthier.

Coconut sugar, unlike table sugar or brown sugar, is minimally processed and has not been filtered. Again, if you like toffee- you will like coconut sugar.

Coconut Sugar is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

Compared to brown sugar, Coconut Sugar has twice the iron, four times the magnesium and over ten times the zinc!

Coconut Sugar is unfiltered, unbleached and preservative free, unlike regular table sugar or brown sugar.

Coconut Sugar has a sweeter taste to my palate than regular white sugar. So halve it in your tea or coffee if you add it. (You can always add more if need be; better still make a plan to ditch all sugar altogether in your hot drinks :) ) But one step at a time- switch to organic coconut sugar in the interim. 

I use it in baking, in smoothies and definitely in my icecreams. Don’t add as much coconut sugar as the recipe calls for- taste test along the way. They say we can use Coconut Sugar as a 1:1 replacement to other sugar, but I say, try a little less. Again, you can always add more if needed, but you cannot take it out once you have added it! And again, work on taking sugar out of your diet altogether!! Once it is removed, you will really taste natural sugars and become aware of the excessive sweetness many of us are now conditioned to. It is frightening!! Wean yourself off all sugars, or better still go cold turkey under the supervision of your chosen medical practitioner- withdrawal symptoms are very likely.

Bounty chocolate with Vashte

I have added pictures of treats I have made using coconut sugar. They look tempting don’t they? They are delicious and use only the best ingredients, with minimal sugar. You can do this too! Recipes are linked above in the second line of this article if you want to try some out!

When and if you choose to have some sweet stuff- make healthful choices. Organic Coconut Sugar is just one healthful choice I make when added a little sweetness to my food. Try it- you might like it too! I bought my Organic Coconut Sugar from HERE. You should be able to find them in your local health shop and can contact them asking them for more information on anything coconut!

coconut sugar

This is what organic coconut sugar actually looks like. You can see that it could have a toffee-like taste from the colour. I encourage you to give it a whirl! One little step towards choosing a more healthful pantry, without missing out on anything! one step at a time, and it is easy. Just swop ingredients over one by one! :)

One Life, Live it Well.

xxVashte xx




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