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Iced Tropicana Delight

by Vashte on October 16, 2014

raw- paleo – vegan – wholefood – smoothie- weightloss – fatloss – organic – glutenfree – celiac Tropicana Delight

Ohhh I can hear the bongo drums.. hips are starting to wiggle (lol) .. the sun is shining… the water calls.. ah yes, the sweet sound of Summer approaching.

My favourite time of the year is NOW. Spring! Flowers bloom and there is a sense of starting over once again. A general upbeat tempo in the air, no one can put their finger on it but for me, it happens every Sept and Oct. OK mostly – there have  been a couple of off years, but we choose not focus on them. Brilliant months!!


I’m sharing with you a fabulous smoothie I created the other night. I had a mother of a sweet tooth and for the life of me, I was not leaving the kitchen! How funny.. creating and playing. It gives me a sense of freedom and respite as I trial new ideas in there. Curbs that hankering as I make something delicious from my Wholefoods Kitchen.  

My, my..  hasn’t the world changed for me… as I hope it changes for you too. A life remaining the same is rather a dull life and far too ordinary.

When a sweet tooth for me hits, very rarely am I off to buy rubbish from the shops. But it can happen. I prefer..and so does Craig, that I head to the Creative Lounge: My Kitchen and start playing in there!

Healthy Sweet Treats that won’t send your, or my blood sugars into a rage- and far surpass the flavours available from cheap, poisonous ingredients…out there… ewwww

This tasted as good as it looks- I hope you think it looks lush!

Tropical Delight

A perfect and easy smoothie for any time, any day and is sure to curb that sugar craving.. but you probably don’t get those.. maybe it is just me… lol.

I have balanced the sugars from the fruits with avocado and activated nuts.. which I then stir fried in coconut oil and coconut nectar… you know I bat for most sides when it comes to food- if you are a raw foodist- just don’t cook the nuts- boom. Happy days  :)

Cashews are my nut of choice here- they produce a creamy texture- which is why they are used in so many raw food recipes.

Avocados are used in smoothies 90% of the time in my Wholefood Kitchen as they also create a delicious creamy texture, balance out sugars, and help with fatloss.

Using the nuts and avocado you are sure to enjoy a filling and delicious smoothie- beyond all your wildest dreams! These are the ‘secrets’ behind all those amazing smoothies out there.. now you know.. no excuses at home! Also a great way to sneak Avocado into picky kids foods. – They get a treat they think is icecream- you have a giggle and enjoy the balanced behaviour after one of these as opposed to the anti freeze, refined sugar laden icecream sold for kids….

Enjoy. I am SURE you will as much as we did :)

For a discount on the best coconut nectar available click HERE for the code and HERE for the website. Have a good squizz around. I love their products. You will get 15% off any product using my discount- because we lurve you for hanging out here with me.

Iced Tropicana Delight Tropicana Delight


  •  100 ml Almond Mylk- or any non dairy milk you like. Coconut milk is yum. If you want my recipe for nut mylk, click HERE.
  • 1 banana- frozen to create more ice-cream effect- but it can be fresh.
  • ¼ – ½ cup cashews- activated (soak them for a minimum of 30 mins max 6 hours = activated)
  • ¼ to ½ avocado. I usually use ½ – I love them.
  • Organic Vanilla. You decide on how many drops.
  • Coconut Nectar from Purely Natural– oh my Lord I love this stuff.  I added quite a bit this evening- I wanted that sweetness without the guilt.
  • Ice- loads to create your ice-cream thickness

Blend baby blend!!

Pour into a wine glass! That’s what they are good for these days in my house!!

Top with cashews – stir-fried in coconut oil and coconut nectar if you really want to go wild, sweet cacao nibs – again from Purely Natural (this website is very addictive 😉 ), I had some dried blueberries so added those and then…. Drizzled some more coconut nectar.


Enjoy- please share with anyone who might like this as an alternative to the usual sweet dead food we eat as a human race!! Tag me in on any pictures you take!! @vashte1


Wholefood Workshops with Vashte: COMING SOON!

by Vashte on August 17, 2014

wholefoods; glutenfree; celiac; weightloss; fatloss; sugarfree; raw; slowcooked; paleo; workshops; 100% natural; smoothies

Ok my friends. Here it is- the long and the short of it. My last post was in May 2014- it was all about ‘seasons’  in life. I took an unexpected ‘season’ off this site- so I have missed it, and you unless you are connected via instagram or facebook, in which case you will know I have been cooking up a storm!

Sweet Potato Soup

Me- I have little patience for anything technical. This means the cleverness of blogs (I really don’t understand how this thing works.. ) I just lost my entire blog by pressing the F5 key to reload the page… so at this moment I am slowing my breathing down and focusing on relaxing instead of doing what I instantly wanted to do: throw this thing out the window and communicate telepathically with you all. So you see- we all need a good coach in life – even the coaches themselves!

I’m good in person. So I am going to do more of what I am good at! Being around people!!

Wholefood Workshops with Vashte are coming!  They will be: Hands on, you will get down and dirty in the thick of things, you will create master pieces in moments, have fun and learn loads whilst being in a fun, safe environment and sampling the goodies to take home and/or gobbling them up right then and there! And they will be fun! Did I mention fun?!

Wholefood Workshops with Vashte

Wholefoods means making food from scratch with REAL ingredients. No refined sugars, no gluten just delicious food anyone can make… .once shown how.

My Wholefood Workshops will show you how easy it is to make nutritious, delicious meals in moments- food that anyone can eat and LOVE be they:  a calorie obsessed teenager; sweet tooth; savoury tooth;  ‘no time to cook’ Mum or Dad, and especially for the fitness fanatic  spending hours in the gym, on the track or bending it like Beckham in the yoga studio. Have you ever wondered why you spend so much time training but cannot seem to lose the weight? The answers will be in my Workshops!!!! Unlocking the secrets to all the questions you have about healthy wholefood!!! Yay!!

Wholefood Workshops with Vashte will not fall into any cooking ‘category’. They revolve around the food I eat to keep me healthy, lean and energetic. They will include:

  • raw food
  • cooked food
  • slow cooked meals
  • vegan food
  • vegetarian
  • carnivore
  • paleo
  • nuts and without nuts.
  • grains but mostly no grains.
  • natural sugars and how to use them. No refined sugar.
  • celiac meals.
  • smoothies- green and others !!

And certainly not limited to those.

Wholefood Workshops with Vashte are designed to get you involved, have fun and meet new like minded people. I want to show you how easy it is to make delicious food from scratch in moments.

Wholefood workshops with Vashte will show you how to save time AND money for meals.

Wholefood Workshops with Vashte will be 100% natural, or course, as this has always been and will always be my mandate. 

Vashtes Green Smoothie

Are you keen?

Workshops will be small to maintain a relaxed intimate group. The first people to be notified are those who have subscribed to this site ( it’s really easy to subscribe- it is the top right hand box…;) Register your interest in the comments below after subscribing, and or email me here:

Vashte and Raw Protein balls

Coming soon to the Gold Coast! 


Food Made Fun!

Showing you how Food is your Friend, and not your enemy!

Watch this space!!!

Know this: “If the diet is wrong medicine is of no use. If diet is correct medicine of of NO NEED” – Ayurvedic statement.

I am an advocate of preventative medicine through healthy living: Body, Soul and Spirit. Too many people I love have been affected by serous illness and even death. It is high time to move and make some waves. 

Come along to a workshop, have some fun and learn some tricks to keep your taste buds and appetite happier than you have ever experienced them.  Watch the weight fall away WITHOUT BEING ON A DIET.!!!!!!

Live Your Life OutLoud– for a very long time.

xx Vashte xx




Pina Colada. No alcohol

by Vashte on March 27, 2014

sugarfree-glutenfree-wholefoods-weightloss-raw-paleo-celiac-dairyfree- vegan pina colada

I’m a smoothie girl. I just love them. I make my smoothies much like mousse- extra thick. They are a combination between drink and food you chew :) They are filling, easy and nutritious. I figure we are stuffing our bodies with enough solid ‘food’, day in and day out, that the body appreciates a break every now and then. For me, at least one meal is a smoothie, every day. They are fast. I know what goes in them. There are no rules to a good smoothie!! So it can all just depend on what is in my fridge at the time!

I LOVE avocado in smoothies. I have been adding avocados since I started drinking smoothies on a regular basis back in 2008. Avocado adds creaminess to any meal when blended up, and they are a good fat. They are the kind of fat our bodies need. The kind of fat that can actually help us lose excess fat deposits already stored on these awesome temples of ours! They dont teach that in the ‘fat free’ aisle of the supermarket!!!!

There are loads of free recipes on my site here. Click around the recipe section- have some fun.

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So here is my free pina colada recipe! Its a no alcohol smoothie/mousse/dessert. That is not to say that if I was basking by the side of a tropical pool in Thailand, that I wouldn’t add some extras then… but I’m not right now. Right now, I’m swanning around the Gold Coast getting on with my life… :)

ANYONE will love this smoothie. For those peps out there worried that you are not getting enough protein in your diet (she giggles as that is pretty much noone in the developed world) I have added some NON FLAVOURED pea protein to this recipe. You DON’T need it, unless you are training for a body building competition or similar, in which case you ought to be following some strict high protein, low carb diet (which is not healthy long term…. ) BUT the protein, and the good fats from the avocado, coconut and macadamias will help slow the release of the natural sugars found in the juicy pineapple- so they all balance out.

  • Kids love this.
  • Adults love this.
  • I love this.
  • Your grandmother would love this!!

Refreshing, delicious, cleansing and light. Perfect for a hot Summer’s Day. This is how to eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Once you get the hang of how, it becomes a lifestyle choice, and you will find yourself automatically choosing delicious healthy options- because they taste so much better than the dead packaged foods out there!

Its easy!

Pina Colada from Vashte

vashte's pina colada

150 mls home made almond mylk. Click HERE for recipe

1 cup frozen pineapple (or fresh). use more if you like it really pineapply.

3 Tablespoons moist coconut flakes

1 avocado (or 1/2 depending on the thickness you desire. More thickness= more avocado)

A handful of macadamias

2 Tablespoons of NATURAL pea protein (optional)

2 Tablespoons of granulated stevia (or you favouriate natrual sweetener aside from sugar. You dont have to add this- it is best not to. But see how you go for sweetness. The pineapple could very likely be sweet enough)


Blend away in your powerful blender. Makes one large bucket of smoothie or two/three portions.

Always make your smoothies look good enough to eat! Make them look pretty! Garnish them with contrasting colours. I sprinkled goji berries on top and a couple of macadamias. They add a crunchy texture to my smooth creamy smoothie. Note: my smoothies NEVER contain milk from cows and yet they are so thick and creamy.

Go figure.


If you make this- let me know what you think!!!

xx Vashte xx

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Detox. Celery, Fresh Basil and Goji

by Vashte on March 21, 2014

weightloss-vegan-raw-green smoothie – all natural- alkalise- organic- fatloss-glutenfree

detox. Celery, Basil, Goji Smoothie

Vegetables ARE sexy. I have written about that before HERE; and I will continue to write about it until I cant write or speak any more! They are the elixir of life if you ask me. The natural cleansers to the body, mind and Spirit. What we eat directly and indirectly affects the physical state of the body, which in turn affects the thoughts we think, the moods we experience and how we then see and experience the world. When we are stuffed like fat pigs on home delivered pizza and fizzy drink we wonder why we have no energy to even get up off the couch to do the dishes. Home delivered pizza comes in a cardboard box so no dishes… But who is getting up to put the box in the rubbish? Noone.  They are all too tired. Cant be bothered.

Question: after eating all the ‘food’; why is it that noone is asking the obvious? With so much ‘food’ wouldn’t we expect to be buzzing round with energy? I mean, food is our fuel right? We should be loaded with fuel and bouncing off the walls!!!

The answer to that is this: that type of ‘food’ is not actually food at all. We are overfed and under  nourished. If you haven’t heard this before, I expect you will soon become more aware of this as fact. In developed and developing nations the issue of food ‘shortage’is being solved, but under nourishment continues to thrive. This results in the over weight and obese ‘epidemic’ we are seeing in our very own backyards, if not homes. We are eating ‘food’, sometimes we think we are eating ‘healthy’ foods; but we continue to get fatter, get sicker, get more and more tired.

I’m not one for missing out. In fact I will do all I can to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. Especially the fun.

Food is fun!! I’m not missing out.

While my green smoothie may not look like a whole heap of fun to someone who loves home delivered pizza; I bet some of my chocolate treats look like a whole heap of fun. Click HERE for some of those.

But my question remains open to you home delivered  pizza lovers. Why are you so sick, tired and almost dead? I’m sorry but that IS how you feel often right? huh. Wouldn’t you like to feel healthy, alive and bouncing with fun? You CAN if you really want.

I used to have a problem with SUGAR. I couldn’t have a block of chocolate in the house or it would be gone in one sitting. I know some if you can relate. No biscuits, especially not chocolate; no ‘treats’ allowed in my house or near me, or they would literally be inhaled. Sometimes without me even realising what I was doing. Did that make me a pig? No. But that IS what I called myself.

What that made me is human. If I keep putting sugar, wheat, dairy, artificial sweeteners, flavours; packaged ‘foods’ into my body- my body will demand that I eat more. Sugar is highly addictive. There is very little nutritional value from any of these ingredients to the human body. What they do contain are calories.FAT calories. Because these calories remain mostly undigested by the human body. So we are in essence training our bodies extremely well in how to become amazing fat storing machines.

I was a fat storing machine. I craved the foods my body couldn’t digest. I thought I was pretty healthy, but had these episodes where I just felt like a good ‘pig out’. Do you ever REALLY feel full after one of those? Or just SICK? Think about it. Really, eating to the point of popping… is it sickness you are feeling as opposed to fullness? Interesting how you will often continue eating more of the same ‘food” if it sits in front of you an hour later…. perhaps because there is no nutritional value to that food.. could your body still think it is hungry?  My bet is you are still hungry. That is why we can eat such quantities. = Over fed and undernourished.

If you plug into my recipes you can still enjoy the sweetness. You can still enjoy pizza- better pizza. You can still enjoy taste, and deliciousness. Why should you miss out?

What you WILL miss out on is EMPTY calories, turning your bodies into efficient fat storing machines. Instead you will turn your bodies into fat BURNING machines by eating WHOLEFOOD; REAL food. Food made easy.  Subscribe to my website to stay tuned for:

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Breakfast ideas HERE

Lunch ideas HERE

Dinner ideas HERE

Weight loss ideas HERE

Wholefood HERE

Sweet Treats HERE

Here is a green smoothie. Why sugar coat it. I hate the stuff- sugar. No thanks. Take a walk sugar!!! I am here to Live Life OutLoud for a very long time and it sure won’t happen if SUGAR is part of my diet. Goodbye. Green smoothies are an easy and awesome way to cleanse the body from toxins. Toxins hang out in FAT. So that means, if I drink a green smoothie a day (or more if want…) I will help my body to move the toxins out, as well as the FAT. Bring it ON!!! Toxins HAVE to come out one way or the other or they will KILL. Fact. They can come out on the skin (I experience this on my face. It really sucks). Or, easier- they can come out when I poop. I much prefer this method. Usually far less traumatic than my face breaking out. They come out via sweat- BO= toxin overload. They come out via urine- urine shouldn’t smell strong.

If you think you could do with a good clean out, then try this green smoothie. Get my other green smoothie recipes and play with them- make them taste good for you so that you keep drinking them. The more you drink them the more you love them and the less extra sugar you need in your life. Its true! Try it for two weeks and then tell me I’m wrong! HERE are more green smoothie recipes:) trust me- you are sweet enough already…. too sweet. Come walk on the alkaline side with me!

Go to town on them!

Celery, Basil and Goji Smoothie

Detox. Celery Goji Smoothie

While other people reach for chocolate, I reach for a green smoothie. 90%green veges and an apple thrown in for a hint of sweetness.
Ginger for zest and to calm my stomach.
Slippery elm to encourage ease of bowel movement :)
Lemon for that sweet and sour experience.
Loads of celery, hint of spinach, green capsicum because they are the greens I have in my fridge!!
Fresh basil from my balcony. Loads of that. It’s the secret ingredient.
Filleted water and ice.
Happy stomach, happy body, happy mind :)

Exact Ingredients:

200 mls filtered water, some ice

6 stalks organic celery

The remainder or the baby spinach in my fridge (not much!)

1/2 green capsicum

1 lemon

1 apple

Ginger. I use a lot because I ike it.

2 Tablespoons Slippery Elm Powder

Fresh basil from my balcony- as much as i like

Top with goji berries.

Happy detox and cleanse. Your body will love you for it.

xx Vashte xx



by Vashte on March 10, 2014

RAW-Dairyfree-Sugarfree-Wheat and Grainfree- Weightloss- 100% natural- Paleo-Celiac  Smoothies

Dark choc Mousse

I make a smoothie pretty much every day. If not for myself, then for my fiance. We find that as much as we love food, time does not always allow preparation for a healthy meal, or we are just too pooped after a long day. So a smoothie will suffice as an evening meal- or any meal throughout the day. This one is particularly indulgent and perfect for those days when you are hankering for that little something sweet.

When I chose to eat healthy, that did not mean going without. Quite the opposite in fact. I used to starve myself of so much before I came to an understanding that food is purely a fuel source, and I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, so long as I balance my days appropriately. Exploring different styles and ways of preparing food has been very much an eye opener, and continues to prove so. Little gems of knowledge picked up at different stages fall into place, and often old beliefs are changed as more and more makes sense, the more I play with my food.

I chose to share this recipe today as I have have two people ask from instagram for the recipe- the second one using the magic word.. so I will now happily provide my recipe.  Old fashioned girl that I am :) I also thought I would share for a friend of mine : Russell – who is rather squeamish at my green concoctions likening them to swamp scum. Fair enough I suppose but those green smoothies are my personal preference. This smoothie is only ever a once in a while for me. Give me green smoothies any day!!!

This is a great chocolate smoothie to be loved by all ages and all palettes :) It could be a great bridge proving to disbelieving friends and family that healthy is not flavourLESS!!! I have a load of raw choc mousse recipes here as well- keep in mind that just because something is ‘raw, all natural, gluten free, etc etc’ doesn’t mean you can go to town on them. Always listen to your body and stop eating when it tells you that you are full. This can be a learning curve for many. But you will get there. When we stop eating with óur eyes’and becoming more aware of what our bodies actually desire; then we are truly on the way to complete wellness.

Have fun in your wellness journey and enjoy this beautiful treat:

What You Need:

  • 100 mls almond mylk. Preferably home made, but it is available from the shops if you are starting out on this new way of eating!
  • 1/4- 1/2 avocado ( makes the smoothie deliciously creamy in texture and stops the release of sugar into the blood stream from being too fast.
  • 1 banana – frozen gives a great texture but fresh is fine too.
  • 1 Tbspn  of good quality cacao. The quality of your cacao powder will directly determine the richness of your mousse. Look for a deep, dark, rich cacao powder.
  • 1 Tbspn cacao nibs.
  • A few cashews.
  • 1-2 dates for extra sweetness
  • a pinch of Himalayan salt
  • 1/2 scoop pea protein, unflavoured. You can use chocolate but MAKE SURE there are NO artificial sweeteners – including 995; sucralose; maltidextrin. I am not a fan of powdered protein. IF I ever use it, it is pea protein only. Ditch the whey isolate and concentrate. Many bodies find it DIFFICULT to absorb, results in inflammation, and can be toxic. Despite all the clever marketing out there. Once we add a powdered protein to a food or have it as a drink- this is no longer considered a ‘whole food’. Man has denatured a natural product- there is nothing natural about powdered protein so lets just get real and honest about that. So just to completely aware of what you are putting into your body and …do your own research!! It pays off in the end, and we can make more educated and wise decisions based on what we ‘know for ourselves’ as opposed to what other people tell us- including me. :)
  • Ice

Blend all in a high powered blender. I use the Vitamix- you can use any blender so long as it is high powered and creates a smooth, creamy texture. This recipe should be thicker consistency, to be eaten with a spoon. Add more mylk if you need it to make it that mousse-like consistency when it is too thick. Always add less to start and add as you go.

I served my mousse with a sprinkle of cacao nibs and bee pollen. I like to mix them into my mouse for a combination of texture when eating a mousse.

Let me know what you think PLEASE!!!!!

xx Vashte xx


The Energiser

by Vashte on March 5, 2014

raw-weightloss- fatloss-glutenfree-celiac-100%natural- wholefood-sugarfree-dairyfree

The Energiser

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I see you guys are LOVING my recipes :) Especially the smoothies!! Would you like an ebook??? Comment below to encourage me!!!!

I made this today to get me through the day. And it will! Not only is it packed with nutrients, but it is delicious as all my smoothies are. It is all natural, and there are no nasties added. Further to these awesome points- it is made in a matter of minutes so- hammering home my age old adage of ‘healthy fast food’. Why wouldn’t you?!

I chose today to reduce the amount of solid food I ate. Something similar to an intermittent fast, without going completely without. I find that my body likes to take a break from solid food every now and then, so to nourish it and keep it energised, a smoothie like this one is perfect. After my acupuncture session today I learnt exactly why my body likes this kind of eating! It all makes sense!! When we listen to our bodies, we can fall into good habits that heal these bodies naturally. It absolutely helps (and is neessary) to connect with people who are educated and learned in healing- such as accuncture – so that we (I) can speed up the healing process as opposed to missing the mark just a little and falling back on old practices. Make sense?!

So this smoothie was my morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack today. It is filled with great nutrients so I’m not missing out, nor am I hungry as I have so much else to do today anyway. My focus is on getting stuff done! Not food.

The Energiser consists of:

  • Water from a young Thai coconut. Not the packaged coconut water but the fresh, real mccoy young thai coconut water. Keep the flesh for another smoothie- or throw it in this one if you don’t think you will make another in the next 24 hours. Either way I use fresh coconut for hydration and electrolytes.
  • A handful of fresh organic kale. Kale needs to be organic as this vegetable is one of the most sprayed vegetables from ‘regular’ farms. It is better to go without than use kale bought from supermarkets. Try to avoid as many toxins as you can. Kale contains lutein, an antioxidant that protects against macular degeneration (loss in eyesight).  It is also rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin C and E as well as folate. Folate helps prevent heart disease and birth defects. Great if you are planning on pregnancy. Kale contains calcium and magnesium to help maintain strong bones, as well as is high in omega-3 fatty acids- the fats that can help you slim and stay young looking. 
  • A handful of organic spinach- same reason for organic as above. Spinach is a great source of iron (most Western Women as lacking iron); folate, and also helps prevent macular degeneration.
  • 1/4 avocado. I love avocados as they contain the good fats which actually aid weight loss, keep us young looking and add a delicious creamy texture to smoothies. You HAVE to try them in your smoothies!! 
  • Pea Protein – I don’t often use a powdered protein as I am no longer a fan. Any powdered protein is not a ‘wholefood’ so remember that. It has been manufactured by man so is not as readily bio-available as a wholefood source is- which is anything made by God, with no interference by man). Pea protein is vegan, has a high alkalinity reading (the only powdered protein to provide alkalinity to the human body. ALL other powdered proteins are acidic, especially whey); and is, of the powdered proteins, the most readily bio available for the human body- remembering this is less bio available than a wholefood. But sometimes I like it to add to my meals if I know I am not going to eat throughout the day, or that my protein intake will be low.
  • 1 Tablespoon Cacao Powder – yum. Cacao is used to add delicious flavour and to provide magnesium- which many people in the Western World are lacking.
  • 1-2 Medjool dates – I don’t often use dates in food I make for myself. Dates have a very high GI level- meaning the sugar is released into the body at a faster rate than the speed of light. Well, not entirely but something like that. I am highly susceptible to sugar, and will break out just by looking at anything high GI. Dates are not my friend, and I am not a friend of dates. When I do add dates, or sugars, I will add them with proton (ie in this case pea protein); or/and good fats (avocado). These both slow the release of the sugars down so help in avoiding a blood sugar high and low, by the slow release of the sugars. It is important to understand how different foods work together so we don’t have to miss out on the things we think we like! It is all chemistry, and easy to understand once you start!
  • 1 banana – Bananas will thicken up a smoothie also contributing to the creaminess; but more importantly they are a great source of potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function and can aid in the release of our happy hormones – like serotonin. If you are felling blue, go and eat a banana. 😉
  • Ice to cool it all down.


– I keep my fruit frozen as I can’t eat it all fast enough before it becomes overripe and spoils. When the fruit is frozen, this will aid in thickening smoothies up and keeps the smoothie nice and chilled. Add ice if you like them super cold. I like them super cold.

-All smoothies can be made into ‘mousse’ or ‘icrecream’ the texture of a Mr Whippy. Just add less water.

-A good note-to-self is: add less of everything. If you need more of something, you can always add it to get that perfect flavour, as opposed to adding too much of an ingredient. It is impossible to get an ingredient out once its all blended! Make sense for you out there?!

Then blend!!! Make it thick or smooth- however you like your smoothies!! Perfect meal in a glass and ALL good for us!!! YUMMO!!!

XX Vashte XX




Bloody Beetroot

by Vashte on February 24, 2014

raw- wholefoods- organic- vegan- weightloss- fatloss- all natural- celiac – paleo

Blood Red Sunset

If you have been hanging out with me here for a while, you will know I love my healthy, wholefoods; exploring where many men and women fear to go, or just plain won’t! Bringing to you the latest and greatest in terms of easy, fast, nutritious, DELICIOUS options to replace all that ‘dead’ food out there found in supermarkets.!!

You will probably also know I have a penchant for green food and drink. The greener the better!! But I am also very aware this totally freaks many people out so, in being kind to anyone here who is new to this page, I thought I would share with you a smoothie that is very NOT green.. but very, very red instead! This is a favourite colour for many, and used in many artificial colourings enticing us into think we need to eat certain ‘dead’ foods. Think red frogs, jelly beans etc etc.

So I thought I would bring to you a totally natural, no artificial anything added, smoothie that (hopefully) your kids might enjoy alongside you! Remembering that children mimic their parents and pick up on the slightest bit of hesitation – so if you as an adult are nervous or unsure of how something will taste, you can be 100% sure that they read your body language before you have even realised you have told them anything. NEVER underestimate kids!! My suggestion is, if you want kids to enjoy natural smoothies without the dairy milk, overloading of sugars, icereams etc etc; that you try making the smoothie first -without them around, to know exactly what it will taste like. And tweak to ensure YOU like the taste, and THEN serve it up for your little ones. A recipe can be changed! It is OK! You can play with your food!! yippee!!! Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but the only way to get a feel for what you actually like is to TRY IT OUT!!! :)))))

I am big on cleansing foods. Be they solid foods, smoothies or juices.. the food I love best serves to cleanse my body without too much down time. ie rotting in my colon. No thanks!

The bright, vibrant colour of red coming through this smoothie is due to beetroot and strawberries from my local farmers markets. MMM, mmm. Beetroot has a great way of cleansing the blood and can aid in weightloss as well as a plethora of other benefits- double whammed with the lemon I added and not to mention the fresh young thai coconut water!! Strawberries have a lower GI than most other fruits but as I added fresh young coconut flesh which contains good quality fats; this will circumnavigate a fast release of sugars from the berries, the banana, the beetroot and the date paste. Note when I mention sugars, I don’t get too concerned from fruits especially considering most people will head out and eat a chocolate bar, or piece of bread without a second thought.  I find a bit of sensible thinking goes a long way :) I added some left over almond meal from my almond mylk which will also slow the rate of sugar absorption. For me this is a win win situation. Slow release of natural sugars and no waste from any food. I don’t like waste. There is far too much today.

For zing, and to help with digestion I love adding fresh ginger to any meal or smoothie- your gut will love you for it!

This is a really light, simple smoothie to whisk up. I prefer not to add date paste, or any other sweetener as it is sweet enough without it for me. But if you are just new to smoothies and used to higher amounts of sugar in your diet, then you may prefer to add it. I slowly backed off the quantities of sweet ingredients over time, and my palate got used to it. Now, I really, really don’t like sugar. And sugar doesn’t like me. So that is a very mutual relationship wouldn’t you agree? ie we just don’t have one :)) happy days!

Try this and let me know what you think!!!

Beetroot and Starawberry Smoothie

What You Need:

  • 1/4 Fresh Beetroot
  • Handful of Fresh Strawberries
  • 1/2-1 Lemon
  • Water from a fresh young thai coconut
  • Flesh from a fresh young coconut. You don’t need to add all the flesh. The more flesh you add the more creamy the recipe will become. Start with just a little and if you think you would like a more creamier smoothie at the end, add more flesh then. Style to suit your personal taste buds.
  • A dash of Fresh ginger. Again add more once you have the finished product if you like ginger. But you want it to just be a tease initially. Remember, ginger can be overpowering and once you have too much in there, you can not remove it. Less is best to start!
  • 1/2-1 banana
  • Date paste, or 1-4 medjool dates
  • 3 Tbslpns almond meal from your nut mylk. If you don’t have almond meal just add a few whole dates. (preferably soaked in water for a few hours but not imperative).
  • Ice

How To Make It Work.

  • In your high powered blender ( I use a vitamix but you don’t have to. There are plenty of other blenders out there that are just as good for a more reasonable price, they just won’t last as long); put all ingredients in! The exact measurements are not important. Play with them once you have made the base recipe and adjust to suit your palate.
  • Blend, pour and drink!
  • I always garnish my meals as it is a well known fact we eat and drink with our eyes. If I make my meals/smoothies, juices look pretty, I have likely sold you on the taste already 😉

Oh and in case you were not aware. If you drink or eat a lot of beetroot do not be alarmed when you take an innocent trip to the bathroom to pee…and discover your pee is bright red. Stay calm. You are not bleeding. The beetroot has just stained your pee red momentarily. No big deal. So breathe calmly. Nothing going on here.

I was not aware of this the first time I drank a couple of smoothies with beetroot in it on the same day. That was a tad scary as I wasn’t expecting it, and thought the worst as one does…. :) I’m telling you so that you don’t have to get a fright too!!

xx Vashte xx






Summer Berry Smoothie

by Vashte on December 6, 2013

Enjoy this berry smoothie in Summer. Packed with goodness, antioxidants, alkalising, raw, delish. Smoothies are mega easy to make, refreshing in the heat of Summer, and filling. The entire family loves them and if you have children- you can pile in goodies without them even knowing it! Smoothies beat a milkshake hands down every time! smoothies

My smoothies contain no dairy, no added sugar, no gluten, no artificial sweeteners or ingredients and always safe local ingredients.

It is best to buy from your local farmers markets if you can. There are less chemicals, and you can connect with your local communities supporting smaller companies. Commercial farming practices generally use huge amounts of toxic chemicals and sprays; as well as genetically modified seeds- none of which are good for us. In fact, many people, myself included, believe substances like these are major contributors to terminal illnesses like cancer and autoimmune disorders. Having lived through losing my partner when he was just 38 years old to cancer, I am very aware of the lies being sold and peddled to you and I, the consumers.

We have the buying power to stop this misinformation from being spread- but likely only for a short time as large corporations are working hard to close down individuals from free speech in the health industry. So take action NOW. Your money is what talks to them. If we all choose to buy from local farmers who are organic and/or sprayfree- the price of these items will come down as demand increases. Conversely demand will drop for the toxic foods peddled at supermarkets so the big guys have to get on board with organic, healthful foods. WE control THEM- Through our money. When we choose organic and natural- our immune systems become stronger and we no longer fall ill as easily = So fewer visits to the doctors, less reliance on pharmaceutical drugs (all of which have side effects, suppress the immune system and stress other important internal organs etc etc etc.) = we save money on REACTING to illness by not getting sick!!

Yes, We may spend more money on food but less on doctors, hospitals, drugs, illness. Doesn’t it make more cents to you 😉 to live longer, healthier, carefree lives? Imagine a life without the prediction that 1 in 2 people will develop cancer; where children are expected to outlive their parents; where it is normal for children to be born with or develop ADD, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and terminal illnesses. Doesn’t it make sense to look to our food as a possible remedy to some, if not all, of these present day issues? Please remember food is designed to be the fuel for the body- just like petrol to a car. What happens when you put diesel into a car requiring gas? It malfunctions. Why are our bodies any different? God did not make these bodies with the intention for us to fuel them with processed, frozen, ready-made sugar-laden microwaved meals. If we put dead food in, why are we expecting our bodies to do anything other than …die Faster. Painfully before an acceptable life span of  80 YEARS MINIMUM.

Perhaps we might like to change our perspective. Drop the poverty mentality. The ”lack-of ” mentality. Drop the dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. If we get a head ache- that is usually a sign we are dehydrated as the brain is swelling and pressing against our skull. Simple.  So ask a simple, logical question- have I been drinking water today? What type of food have I eaten? Have I had enough sleep? Is my food living, or is it dead- could it be causing my body to dehydrate as it overworks trying to eliminate the poisonous food I chose to et today? What pharmaceutical drugs am I taking… and just go drink a couple of glasses of filtered water and keep doing that all day, every day.

Food for thought? I hope so.

Anyhoo.. smoothies rock. Especially at this time of the year. I like to jazz them up and throw in as many or as little ingredients as I have in the pantry. There are no rules. Aside from making them taste delish. Smoothies are live foods, usually packed with goodness. And great for when you are running short of time- even better as a desert option when other people choose to stuff their faces with lower class foods. :)

This one is mega simple:

Strawberry Smoothie

– berries are in season- its December- go nuts and enjoy them! smoothies

  • 200mls almond milk
  • filtered water
  • ice
  • 1 cup strawberries- any berries you like.
  • 30 gm pea protein ( from vital greens)
  • 1 tablespoon l-glutamine
  • Blend! If you want your smoothie sweeter, try stevia but the more you DONT use a natural sweetener, the faster your palate will adjust and you will enjoy the natural sweetness of organic fruits. Ditch the sugar addiction.
  • xx Vashte xx



sugarfree, glutenfree, celiac, protein, dairyfree, weightloss, fatloss, DELICIOUS, vegan. smoothies

I’ve been playing with smoothies again. Are you like me and go through ‘seasons’ with foods? This really is no surprise as we are ‘seasonal’ creatures- us humans. Protein smoothies used to be the domain of the bodybuilders and gym junkies but thankfully the rest of us have been educated and encouraged to enjoy these too now. Protein smoothies are not exclusively protein powder smoothies either- not anymore, thank the Lord as well. Protein is sourced very healthfully from raw nuts, and are great in smoothies as opposed to the powders. Think ‘wholefoods’ when you make smoothies.

Wholefoods, by my definition, are natural foods, unchanged by human beings. Therefore this smoothie I made today is not a wholefood as I chose to use protein powder in this recipe. Protein powder is manufactured by man therefore, not ‘naturally’ produced- artificial ingredient free- or not. I am doing a lot of research on the fallacy of the ‘goodness’ of protein powders lately. Especially interesting is the de-naturing process of virtually every WHEY PROTEIN on the market rendering it toxic therefore pointless- to human beings. Whey Protein Isolate especially- perhaps you might like to start researching this too. Start with Dr Mercola– he is great for wisdom that goes against the common misconceptions of mass society. He is very well researched and pretty unbiased from what I can see. I subscribe to his updates- I recommend you do too if you are interested in learning more in health.

I do not use Whey Protein. Not any more. Not after researching and learning more about the product. This says a lot as I used to endorse, market and sell my partner’s “100% natural Whey Protein”. I have since learnt it is not as great for us as we read. This too is all marketing hype designed by the same companies who sell the product, fixing to sell you the stuff. Life can sometimes- so often when we don’t open our eyes – be such a hoax.  Pretty much all New Zealand Whey protein comes from the same company by the way- Fonterra is the name of this mass giant. Perhaps you might like to research their protein and come to your own decisions as to whether you choose to put that stuff in your body.

I use Pea Protein when I do choose to add protein to a smoothie. This is a rare event these days- adding protein to my smoothies. I’m just not into ‘foods’ created by ‘man’. It is never as good as the real thing- wholefood. Pea protein comes from the humble pea. It doesn’t taste like peas, but does have a much thicker consistency than whey. You wont get the smooth, creamy texture you do with whey, but you do maintain a slightly alkaline environment with this food, as well as receive virtually the same protein and carb content as WPI. It doesn’t matter where  I get my pea protein from from either- there are not a whole lot of manufacturers of pea protein so again, most of it comes from the same company. I use Vital Greens Pea Protein if you want to know which brand I like.  Just watch the added ingredients to any of your proteins- as per usual-and make sure you don’t choose a brand that includes fillers, or any artificial ingredients.

Summer is always a great time for smoothies. We are hotter and tend to like a cool refreshing drink. Hence my latest blogs all on cool, refreshing beverages. With Christmas around the corner and the silly season well under way, I thought I would share some ideas I use to keep my drinks healthy, tasty and fun. I don’t like to drink a lot of alcohol and it can get a bit boring drinking water all day/night when my party peps around me have fun looking exciting cocktails. So order a smoothie or mocktail to make things at least look a little more interesting. Who knows- you may even encourage them to ditch their drinks and choose yours because they look so good- that’s because they are!

Choosing a smoothie as a desert is a great way to keep your sugar cravings at bay and still be involved with desert time. They are pretty filling and my smoothies don’t include any dairy, added sugar, or any lower class ingredients so they have a tendency to look after your blood sugar levels, and satisfy even the most ferocious sugar craving. Try them out!! Click here for more ideas!

Strawberry, Chocolate and Coconut Smoothie smoothies

  • 200 mls almond milk
  • ice
  • filtered water
  • 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon organic cacao
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flakes
  • 30 gm pea protein
  • 1 tablespoon l-glutamine (helps stop sugar cravings, can preserve muscle and preserve lining of the stomach)
  • Stevia for sweetness. -A natural sweetener but first taste to determine whether you actually need any. If you do- add a small amount and keep adding small amounts until you reach your desired taste. Best if you don’t need stevia.

Blend. As Pea Protein is thicker- you may like more water. Again, add small amounts to your blender so that you do not end up with a smoothie too viscous. Remember- you can always add ingredients, you cannot take them out. So just add small amounts of anything extra.


xx Vashte xx



Banana Blueberry Superfood Smoothie

by Vashte on October 25, 2013

Superfood- Raw- Wholefood- Glutenfree- Alkalise- Weightloss- Fatloss- Paleo- Healthy Eating

Vashte's Superfood Smoothie

If you don’t have at least one blender at home, you don’t know what you are missing! Time is of the essence in this life of ours and somehow time just seems to slip by faster and faster. As a result what falls by the way-side? Well, many things I am sure, but a very common thing many people would all list in their top 5 things that slip would be ‘healthy food’. This is no guess as our beautiful country plummets headfirst into one of the world’s fattest nations, if not THE fattest nation in the world. Living with a  ‘fat’ body  is not a bad thing because of aesthetic reasons although our Western society will tell you this is the number one reason NOT to be overweight. The health conditions that result from living in a body that is overweight are the reasons to want to drop the excess baggage. Surely living a fun, healthy long life is of utmost concern as statistics also show that many of us are living longer than ever before. What is the point of living longer if you are not living in a healthy body, capable of doing the things you want??

So my point being here is- get down to the shops and buy yourself a blender! Why? It is incredibly easy to whip up a delicious smoothie packed with great nutrients anytime of the day with one of these wonderful machines! Fast, easy, healthy meals or snacks- better than any icecream or milkshake  you can buy at the shops! And if ‘time’ is one of your ‘reasons’ or ‘excuses’ as to why you ‘can’t’ eat in a more healthy manner.. this can help eradicate that particular issue! The kids will LOVE these smoothies and NEVER KNOW they are good for them, if you don’t want them to know! Yes, it is true!!!

Vashte's Superfood Smoothie

Come on now… doesn’t this smoothie look delicious? It is and was..and has no processed white sugar, no dairy, no artificial sweeteners added to it to make it that way. Nor does it contain pig fat, chicken fat, antifreeze (from icecream), or any other shocking nasties found in most other fast food convenience shakes available to you from your friendly local store or fast food chain. The great thing about blenders is: you put the ingredients in so you know exactly what you are putting in your body! This can be a first for many people these days. Something I consider to be very important- knowing what you are putting in your body because when the trouble starts happening- no one will take the responsibility from you or I. It is our responsibility to know what we are sticking in these bods! It is so easy to whisk up a smoothie! All you need is a bit of fruit, perhaps some nuts, seeds, dried fruit perhaps, you can add some spice like nutmeg or cinnamon, then you need is your liquid- anything from water, to milk or milk substitutes. Add banana and or avocado if you want that really creamy thick shake texture- both of which are mega good for you, and can help to shift fat. All the ingredients are available from your local supermarket- start there! Then move on to local Farmers Markets for even fresher foods, but if you are starting out then start with a place you know- likely your supermarket. Change one thing at a time, this way you are more likely to believe you CAN change. Walk before you run :) Always :)

Here is my recipe for my Banana Blueberry SuperFood Smoothie:

  • 2 bananas
  • A handful or cashews
  • A splattering of walnuts
  • A sprinkle of pecans
  • 2 Tablespoons of mixed black and white chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon of dried blueberry powder- use fresh blueberries if you have them, they are in season now in Australia.
  • A touch of stevia as a sweetener- if necessary. Or you can use honey, rice bran syrup, or any other natural sweetener.
  • 100-200mls Coconut milk- you can use almond milk, ricemilk, water, coconut water… whatever you like as your liquid. I found a new product from Pure Harvest called Coco Quench at the supermarket. It is in the long life milk section if you are interested in trying it. Organic Coconut Milk as a milk substitute- not your traditional thick coconut milk from a can. Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Milk (20%) Organic brown Rice, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Guar Gum. Try it! I dig it! This BTW, is a great company offering some awesome products. Click HERE to check them out- just my personal recommendation if you are looking for healthy alternative products, gluten free and sugar free.
  • Ice to make it cool and refreshing.

Blend in your blender. I use a vitamix for more than one person; or a magic bullet blender when its just me- less cleaning :)

Enjoy xxx

To your health! May you live long and prosper xx

Feel free to comment or share this post with anyone looking for healthy, food ideas in this fast paced world of ours.

xx Vashte xx