Breakfast Pizza!!! -(brunch is better!)

by Vashte on May 29, 2012

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! This is SOOOOOOO delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! A special treat! I love how good healthy food tastes, and makes you feel!! Well it makes me feel good anyway!!

Gluten free pizza for brunch! YUMMMOOOO!!!

All you need is a gluten free base, and you can buy them from the supermarket made up, or from a packet.. If you are a chef extraordinaire then you can made one from scratch easily enough. I am not, so its made up or packet for me and who ever wants to eat my cooking! No time for all homemade!!

On your pizza you can add what you like, but as this is breakfast/brunch do eggs! Scramble them up, before you pour onto the pizza, mix in a bit or parmesan cheese, diced onions, sliced tomato, chives, pumpkin seeds and garnish with your favourite fresh herbs. This pizza does need a crust as the logistics of egg sitting still before cooking just doesn’t compute.

Alternatively you can slightly cook the egg before adding to the pizza but be careful not to over cook.

Give it a basil pesto base, or if you are a tomato fan, use tomato base under the egg.

This is a hit, but practice it a few times before just deciding to whisk it up trying to impress on the first time round :) As with most recipes, some things work and some things don’t. Mushrooms are delish on this too, and I usually add paprika to most of my dishes for a bit of zing! And metabolism boost!

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