Breakfast – Go Green, Every Day!

by Vashte on March 26, 2012

Breakfast- the most important meal of the day.

What do you choose to eat to start your day off?

I have a routine in the mornings, as most people do, and it involves systematically giving my body the best food I can think of to get my day off to a great start. Fitness is one element, Spiritual another, and of course, Nutrition for energy.

I have toyed with the acid/alkaline concept for some time now, and have come to the realisation that my body responds and reacts best when I keep as alkaline as possible. In this acid forming and producing world in which we live, this can be a tall order to achieve so I do what I can!

Considering the fact there are virtually no minerals left in our soils it stands to reason that the food we grow in that soil cannot possibly contain those minerals we desperately need to maintain a healthy body- whether those foods grown are organic or smothered in highly poisonous and toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides etc. Therefore, we need to supplement them into our diet. So I do.

On rising I have a glass of filtered water with liquid minerals and enzymes added, head off for my power walk and come home for the morning shower and prep for the day. If you want to know what product I use, just ask.

I like to start my day green :) Why don’t you try it?! It’s safe, although it may look a bit scary as green things look…green!! Don’t judge by the way it looks if you are not used to a-la- natural! Although, personally, I recommend getting used to foods coloured like this and looking like this. These foods are natural, healthy and the way they are supposed to look!

Fluorescent red, yellow, green, red, pink drinks and ‘foods’  are scary to look at and don’t think that stuff is coming anywhere near my mouth.  Energy drinks??… what a load of crock. It is all marketing, very clever marketing aimed at the kids as the marketers realise if they hook the kids (or you as a kid) it is a much harder pattern to break. Just don’t get sucked in; it is time to wake up to poisoning yourself and your family!

Anyhoo, this concoction worked a treat – highly green!! As opposed to the image above… It is hard to call spinach anything but green right? Packed with goodness and ENERGY, REAL energy, and highly alkalising. And it tasted delish!!

Spinach, Celery, Organic Wheat grass, 1/3 banana, 100mls V8 juice and flitered water

I have a Vitamix which is an amazing blender whose blades spin at a speed whereby they do not destroy the enzymes in foods, and has the power to make soups and other goodies without cooking them on the stove. This keeps the majority of the nutrients intact. Cooking foods above 40C destroys most of their nutritional values so keep cooked foods to a minimum if you can.

I'm in love with my Vitamix :)

The Vitamix rocks as all I need to do is throw in my ingredients, turn this monster on and voila there she goes. Breakfast whipped up in the space of a flash. I like it.

Who said fast food was unhealthy?

Green Breakfast Smoothie! DELISH!!

The next day I made my blend without the V8 juice. While the ingredients to the V8 juice look OK, the stuff just doesn’t go off..ever. That is a concern when you know real food starts to decay after a short period of time. Logic tells you that you shouldn’t eat food that never decays right? Right. You know that McD’s story- so why do you eat it? Worse still, why do you poison your children with that stuff?

Back to the green smoothie :)

I made it without the V8 juice, just with water. Yes I was nervous and highly dubious. Yes I was pleasantly surprised! WOW. God’s food actually does taste good without our intervention! It is a miracle! 😉 Perhaps He really does know what he is doing after all?!!

Yes it was good. Yes it was really green. Yes is was ultra refreshing and yes my body thanked me for it by giving me loads of energy and vitality as opposed to being lumped down with a heavy breakfast which forces my body to try to process food too rich and heavy for first thing in the morning.

Spinach, Celery, Carrots, Organic Wheat Grass, One White Nectarine, Filtered Water.

I double dare you to try it; then tell me what you think and, more importantly, how you felt.

Who is game?

xxVashte xx



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