Bloody Beetroot

by Vashte on February 24, 2014

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Blood Red Sunset

If you have been hanging out with me here for a while, you will know I love my healthy, wholefoods; exploring where many men and women fear to go, or just plain won’t! Bringing to you the latest and greatest in terms of easy, fast, nutritious, DELICIOUS options to replace all that ‘dead’ food out there found in supermarkets.!!

You will probably also know I have a penchant for green food and drink. The greener the better!! But I am also very aware this totally freaks many people out so, in being kind to anyone here who is new to this page, I thought I would share with you a smoothie that is very NOT green.. but very, very red instead! This is a favourite colour for many, and used in many artificial colourings enticing us into think we need to eat certain ‘dead’ foods. Think red frogs, jelly beans etc etc.

So I thought I would bring to you a totally natural, no artificial anything added, smoothie that (hopefully) your kids might enjoy alongside you! Remembering that children mimic their parents and pick up on the slightest bit of hesitation – so if you as an adult are nervous or unsure of how something will taste, you can be 100% sure that they read your body language before you have even realised you have told them anything. NEVER underestimate kids!! My suggestion is, if you want kids to enjoy natural smoothies without the dairy milk, overloading of sugars, icereams etc etc; that you try making the smoothie first -without them around, to know exactly what it will taste like. And tweak to ensure YOU like the taste, and THEN serve it up for your little ones. A recipe can be changed! It is OK! You can play with your food!! yippee!!! Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but the only way to get a feel for what you actually like is to TRY IT OUT!!! :)))))

I am big on cleansing foods. Be they solid foods, smoothies or juices.. the food I love best serves to cleanse my body without too much down time. ie rotting in my colon. No thanks!

The bright, vibrant colour of red coming through this smoothie is due to beetroot and strawberries from my local farmers markets. MMM, mmm. Beetroot has a great way of cleansing the blood and can aid in weightloss as well as a plethora of other benefits- double whammed with the lemon I added and not to mention the fresh young thai coconut water!! Strawberries have a lower GI than most other fruits but as I added fresh young coconut flesh which contains good quality fats; this will circumnavigate a fast release of sugars from the berries, the banana, the beetroot and the date paste. Note when I mention sugars, I don’t get too concerned from fruits especially considering most people will head out and eat a chocolate bar, or piece of bread without a second thought.  I find a bit of sensible thinking goes a long way :) I added some left over almond meal from my almond mylk which will also slow the rate of sugar absorption. For me this is a win win situation. Slow release of natural sugars and no waste from any food. I don’t like waste. There is far too much today.

For zing, and to help with digestion I love adding fresh ginger to any meal or smoothie- your gut will love you for it!

This is a really light, simple smoothie to whisk up. I prefer not to add date paste, or any other sweetener as it is sweet enough without it for me. But if you are just new to smoothies and used to higher amounts of sugar in your diet, then you may prefer to add it. I slowly backed off the quantities of sweet ingredients over time, and my palate got used to it. Now, I really, really don’t like sugar. And sugar doesn’t like me. So that is a very mutual relationship wouldn’t you agree? ie we just don’t have one :)) happy days!

Try this and let me know what you think!!!

Beetroot and Starawberry Smoothie

What You Need:

  • 1/4 Fresh Beetroot
  • Handful of Fresh Strawberries
  • 1/2-1 Lemon
  • Water from a fresh young thai coconut
  • Flesh from a fresh young coconut. You don’t need to add all the flesh. The more flesh you add the more creamy the recipe will become. Start with just a little and if you think you would like a more creamier smoothie at the end, add more flesh then. Style to suit your personal taste buds.
  • A dash of Fresh ginger. Again add more once you have the finished product if you like ginger. But you want it to just be a tease initially. Remember, ginger can be overpowering and once you have too much in there, you can not remove it. Less is best to start!
  • 1/2-1 banana
  • Date paste, or 1-4 medjool dates
  • 3 Tbslpns almond meal from your nut mylk. If you don’t have almond meal just add a few whole dates. (preferably soaked in water for a few hours but not imperative).
  • Ice

How To Make It Work.

  • In your high powered blender ( I use a vitamix but you don’t have to. There are plenty of other blenders out there that are just as good for a more reasonable price, they just won’t last as long); put all ingredients in! The exact measurements are not important. Play with them once you have made the base recipe and adjust to suit your palate.
  • Blend, pour and drink!
  • I always garnish my meals as it is a well known fact we eat and drink with our eyes. If I make my meals/smoothies, juices look pretty, I have likely sold you on the taste already 😉

Oh and in case you were not aware. If you drink or eat a lot of beetroot do not be alarmed when you take an innocent trip to the bathroom to pee…and discover your pee is bright red. Stay calm. You are not bleeding. The beetroot has just stained your pee red momentarily. No big deal. So breathe calmly. Nothing going on here.

I was not aware of this the first time I drank a couple of smoothies with beetroot in it on the same day. That was a tad scary as I wasn’t expecting it, and thought the worst as one does…. :) I’m telling you so that you don’t have to get a fright too!!

xx Vashte xx





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