by Vashte on July 3, 2013


Good enough- what does this mean to you?

  • Are you good enough?
  • Are you worth it?
  • Are you pretty enough?
  • Are you strong enough?
  • Are you rich enough?
  • Do you work hard enough?
  • Should you try harder?
  • Should you work harder?
  • Will you ever be smart enough?
  • Will you ever be fast enough?
  • Will you ever be as wealthy, happy, beautiful, big, strong, clever, worthy enough to associate with ….
  • Are you OK but not as good as… the Jones’…..

STOP!! Please STOP!!! Stop doing this to yourselves day in and day out! Stop speaking these words day in and day out. Take a moment to just BE. Allow yourself to quiet your mind and relax in who you ARE TODAY. Enough with putting yourselves down!! Most people would answer in the negative to some, if not most, of those questions.

Enough already!!!

You were made in the image and likeness of God!! He made you perfect just the way you are and you are here for a reason!

Take some time to look around you. Stop criticizing yourself and just look around. Find 5 wonderful things in your life you can be grateful for. Get a journal and write them down. Let them be the last thing son your mind before you fall to sleep. Every night before you go to sleep, write 5 new great things that happened to you each new day. Perhaps you will find things to be grateful for in your every day lives that were there all along! Wow! You can change your life and your perspective with the blink of an eye.

As a man thinkith so is he.

What are you thinking on? Is it positive or negative? If you constantly think negative thoughts, how can you possibly imagine your outward appearance to be positive and approachable? How could you possibly imagine good things coming into your life when all you do is marinate in the negative? Change your perspective and your world changes with you. Other people don’t ”suddenly become more welcoming one day”. You make the change and as a flow on, you allow them in. You don’t look as scary anymore- you might think you are smiling on the inside (but are you really?) so you need to tell your face that and find that smile!!! A smile willlight up a face like nothing else! Yours included! Opportunities don’t suddenly come knocking at your door due to the where the moon and the stars are- you change and you open your mind to expand the boundary conditions of your current thinking.

What kind of box have you chosen to live in today? Is it small and pokey? Uncomfortable and painful? I would have a good inclination to whinge and complain all day long too if I lived like that.  The thing is, we have all found ourselves in an uncomfortable box every now and then. If we choose to focus on the box and the tight peculiar edges it has, well that is all we see as that is our focus. If, on the other hand, we choose to LOOK OUTSIDE the box for a fresh perspective, we find a whole heap of open, clean space where we can build WHATEVER OUR HEART DESIRES. So what does your heart desire? And are you making some kind of effort to move forward in the direction of your dreams?

Or are you choosing to marinate in your uncomfortable little  box, pickling yourself with your negative, toxic thoughts and emotions, wondering why people and things in life seem to be getting further and further away. Life does not have to be so hard. Life is a blessing from God above. I know when we  choose to live in the pokey, toxic box we think life is a curse more than a blessing but that is only because we choose to believe that.

Think you can, and you can. Think you cant, well you cant.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it! You already use it everyday to create your reality of the world. So instead of feeding into what you don’t want; why don’t you try on for size feeding the desires of your heart? God knows the desires of your heart and will give them to you if you ask Him for them! How I ask is by giving thanks for things that may not be real for me today, but I speak as though they are mine already. That is faith. And if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can speak to your mountains and they will move into the sea through Christ. Always speak in power and never relinquish the power of your mind to a defeatist attitude. NEVER.

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The more you use your brain and your mind, the more powerful you become. It is like a muscle- grow it. Use it. Don’t let it atrophy!!

One way to start is by banishing all thoughts of unworthiness and not being good enough!!!

Where did that habit come from? Why do you speak such things to yourself? They often come from our family, or a result of some event(s) in the past; but choose not to blame people or events for those words or habits. Take ownership of your ”self” and become aware of what you do on a daily basis. Blaming others relinquishes the power you have to make the change yourself. Forgive whatever you need to forget, and let it go. Choose to hold on and that ”thing” owns you. I learnt this a long time ago. Stuff letting that which has hurt me in my past, continue to do so. Forgive and let go, take ownership of who you are today so you CAN can love your today, making the necessary changes for your chosen future. Your past DOES NOT define you, unless you let it. Learn from it and move on.

We all make mistakes. YOU however, can change your life TODAY!!! Just through this one thing – become aware of the words you speak to yourself. Catch yourself in the act, and realise what you are doing. Laugh because you have caught yourself with your hand in the cookie jar so to speak! Re-word that phrase or phrases into:

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  • I am strong in the Lord and the Power of His might
  • I CAN do…
  • I AM…..amazing, intelligent, fast, wealthy, beautiful….
  • My Business is skyrocketing
  • I have amazing relationships with….
  • I HAVE a magnetic personality
  • I compare myself to NO man or woman on this earth. I am unique. I am made in the image and likeness of God.
  • I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
  • I was born for such a time as this.
  • The JOY of the Lord is my strength!
  • I focus on the blessing in my life TODAY so that I can grow them exponentially into my future.
  • I AM blessed, so I AM a blessing to all those around me.
  • I have big goals, AND I LOVE MY LIFE the way it is today SO THAT I can walk with confidence in the direction of those goals.
  • I LOVE my EVERY DAY. I love the challenges I face – I face them head on and I RUN WITH A SMILE THROUGH HELL.
  • I am a champion and I am creating my ideal world today and every day, having fun, giving out love.
  • Life is BEAUTIFUL and I am beautiful in every way shape and form.
  • I CAN do anything I set my mind to.
  • I AM doing everything I set my mind to.
  • Life is FUN and I appreciate every moment of every day.

Just by reading those words, don’t you feel supercharged and different? Try speaking them Outloud! The power of the spoken word is SUPER powerful- so watch your words and speak only those words you really want in your today and your future. Those words become your reality. Think I’m on some fluffy cloud here with this? Well, take a look at your present state of reality- really look and what do you see- you’d see the words you have spoken in the past creating your reality today. BE HONEST. You’d see exactly what your heart really believes, in your today and growing into your future. Tell me it is not so?! It is so.

The way I achieved real change in my life is not through meditation on positive affirmations I made up myself. Not through ”hoping”. Absolutely NOT through studying psychology, and definitely not through qualifying in Neurlo Linguistic Programming. These helped on the surface for a fleeting moment. Much like a diet does, and yes, there is a crash and burn at the other end.

The way I achieved true change in life, in my ”unconsious mind” as NLP practitioners would likely call it –  is through asking Jesus to live in my heart. Then marinating on His words- many of them are peppered in this post. The Word of God will NOT return void and the battle is already won so I make sure I personalise the Bible for my life. I make it real to me, today. I got sick of fighting myself and choose to hang the gloves up. It was so much work and so much a fabrication of truth. My life is a dream come true. It has had its ups and downs just like you, but I choose to marinate on the blessings in life, give thanks to my God and amazingly life is easy and joyfilled for me! Even in times of sadness there is always hope now- when before there absolutely wasn’t.  I take the action necessary to run SMILING through what I consider hell on earth by focusing on what God has put on my heart to do here in earth while I am here.

What has He put in your heart? If you don’t know, that is OK. Why don’t you get together with Him and just hangout a while. Noone needs to know- just you and Him. By the beach, at your favourite relaxing spot, why don’t you just talk to Him as you would your best friend? Empower yourself with His presence- a presence nothing on this earth, above this earth or under this earth can break. And then, when you do catching yourself ”being human” and falling into old habits that no longer serve you well, you and He can have a laugh and speak the Word of God over your life breaking those old habits.

The more you do this, the more natural and ‘habitual’ it becomes. For example if you choose to use swear words at home, you likely use them in your everyday language with other people and especially when you relax. Why not choose to upskill your vocabulary and astound yourself as well as others at the wisdom you seem to miraculously have if you choose to look into positive love filled things- like the Bible!! The more you do something, the more it becomes part of your nature.

The more you become aware of the words you speak over your life- the more you can catch yourself with your hand in the cookie jar. Without condemning yourself, or berating yourself, just find it amusing..and correct it. Use the words I have suggested to replace those negative chants you have. Or make your own up. Whatever the case one of many ways to turn your life into a positive, vibrant joy-filled life is by making this small simple change.

It is the little things in life that can echo for eternity on  the legacy of your life on earth. Empower yourself. Take back the reigns to your own life. Learn to love yourself again. Life is so much more fun and exciting that way.

I am currently offering empowering lifecoaching sessions and programmes via skype. If you are sick of being sick and tired of being sick and tired; if you have already decided you want to make that change in life- feel free to explore my site further. If you would like to discuss working with me or have questions or comments either post them below or contact me via my contact page leaving your contact details so I can contact you :) walking on sunshine

Live Your Life OutLoud and Love It!!!

xx Vashte xx




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Tanya Mah July 5, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Love this Vash! Are you reading Course in Miracles? xx


Vashte July 9, 2013 at 9:12 pm

Hey there Tanya!
I did make some attempt back in the day…it was wayyy to wordy for me.. I’m a simple gal. All my stuff comes from the Bible..its easier and less complicated that way!
hats off to you for reading that novel though! I like the simple things in life!! xx 😉


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