An Angel Walks Beside Me

by Vashte on March 4, 2012

An angel walks beside me,

I feel Him everyday,

He helps me through lifes ups and downs,

and whatever comes my way.

He guides me down the road of life,

and lights the darkest roads,

He picks me up and carries me,

when I can not bear the load.

He helps to ease the pain I feel,

He mends my spirit, too,

He holds my hand, and shelters me,

and gives me courage and strength, too.

He speaks to me with words of love,

and He listens to my pleas,

He was sent here from the Lord above,

to guide and comfort me.

I know He’s always watching,

though his form I can not see,

its a peace I feel deep in my heart,

that leads me to believe.

An angel walks beside me,

I feel blessed everyday,

that the presence of this angel,

will never go away.

Thank you Jesus x

Sent me to from a gorgeous friend of mine xx

I love you girl xx

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