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by Vashte on June 26, 2013

-Breakfast- breakfast- breakfast- Alkalising Breakfast

It is said the most important meal of the day is breakfast. And yet, so many people miss it, don’t want it, cant be bothered for it, think juicing is the way to go, fruit only… so many different points of view!! And such is life. What is important is working breakfast  into your lifestyle with sense and sensibility. Forget the fads, forget the whimsical notions that just don’t last.

Oh and I know my gym junkie, protein orientated friends are advocates for the full egg breakfast, as do my paleo fans and what have you. And that is great too.

The thing is, one style does not fit all, just as one size does not fit all- my shopping friends will all vouch for that!!

What suits you? What works for you? It is up to you to work that out through trial and error. You are your own guinea pig. That is just the way the cookie crumbles. What works for me does not necessarily work for you. Some days you may be ravenously hungry and go all out with the full breakfast sunny side up, spinach, gluten free toast, salmon you-name-it-she’s-there-baby! Other days, you are just not that hungry so a piece of fruit will suffice. And so it is- listen to your body. Be sensible in knowing what your day entails. If you are off to the gym, work in an active job, run around after your children all day long.. you would be wise to opt to fill the tank with healthy whole foods and a substantial breakfast, ensuring you are well planned for the day ahead with lunch and snacks packed ready to go- or expect a blowout along the line.

What works for me is that picture up there. That substantiates a good part of my breakfast. Why Vashte? So glad you asked!!

Parts of my body can be slow moving. Unfortunately. BUT I am not alone in this. Due to years of crazy hectic dieting, fads, schemes, intense exercise whilst restricting nutritional intake, my body, along with many other bodys today, have experienced some form of digestive malfunction, slowdown or complete blowout. (That sux bigtime). Some people I know happily tell me of their frequent trips to the bathroom after every main meal they have. Show offs. As I revere that action and sooo wish I had that skill I grimace and tell them I am really ”not that interested in what their body functions are doing thank you very much”. I am however, green with envy at their marvellously action-packed internals but, instead of wishing mine were that dynamic and active, or opting to take the latest and greatest pharmaceutical drug marketed on TV  to aid digestion (lies); I have found a natural solution that I just wont leave home without!!!  Or I blow up like a balloon and life becomes… uncomfortable.

So, for those of you out there who like me, aim to keep that body cleansed, alkalised and digesting food at a rate faster than you may have experienced previously … listen up kiddos!!! This formula works for me, try it on for size, it may work for you too…

Prepare the night before, and lay your clothes out ready for a brisk walk or jog at the crack of dawn. Cover up like an eskimo with gloves, hats, whatever it takes to get that body out in the fresh, crisp air at sparrow’s fart o’clock. Along with all the other crazy locos out at this time, you will reenergise and set your day up for success knowing you have overcome that inherent desire to lie in bed for those extra few minutes… doing what exactly? Nothing but procrastinating. Go to be earlier to get up earlier if you are tired in the morning. Sleep is important, and so is the time you sleep and the quality of your sleep.

During your crazy walk or run, which you fall in love with after a short time… don’t listen to music. Practise time for you. Set your day up. Speak out loud words of gratitude and thanks for the awesomeness of the fact you are out at this time! I give thanks to God, the father. You appreciate any which way you like. Set an attitude of gratitude up for the day ahead. Visualise how your day will pan out. You are the creator of your own world. The master of the game. You call the shots. Start now. Speak it. The power of the spoken word is …very powerful. Recite Scripture and make it personal to you. Empower yourself with the Word Of God. Nothing is Impossible for those that believe in the Word Of God. Early Morning Session

After this activity lasting about 30-60minutes it is home time. Shower, and down a glass or three of warm filtered water with fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Drink as much as 1.5L of water before breakfast. GASP. I hear you. For me this is nothing- I have been drinking copious amounts of water most of my life. I exercise a lot and have uped my water intake slowly over the years. So for you, just increase glass by glass day by day or week by week. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. Just know that water is used by the body to flush fats. Fats store toxins. Toxins slow the passing of fats. ewwww. So the more clean water you drink the easier it is for the body to flush unwanted and unneeded fats and toxins. What was that? You mean a detox without ‘doing’ a detox??? Noooo !! Yes really.!! That simple.

Why the lemon or apple cider vinegar? These are both said to aid digestion and assist with metabolising your soon to be consumed breakfast. Happy days.

My breakfast consists of three steps:

  1.  Lemon juice and water. (Or apple cider vinegar)
  2.  15-30 minutes later- 2 teaspoons of Slippery Elm Bark Powder mixed with a sprinkling of cinnamon and a mug of warm water. This is not a drink, it turns into a very unattractive substance to look at, however, I find it quite pleasant to eat. This baby lines my intestinal tract and helps food slip through easily. Enough said? It is said to aid digestion. I can vouch for that one in this body :) I will not travel without it. Available from the supermarket now.
  3.  Step two fills me up so by step three I am usually almost full. My main breakfast on a usual day consists of:
  • one glass filtered water
  • 2-4 teaspoons of organic powdered greens- I like wheat grass and barley grass. You may have your own favourites for your own reasons- use those.
  • 1 teaspoon probiotics- powdered form (very important- most people are lacking in healthy probiotics in the gut due to stress, antibiotics, medications. The list goes on. Probiotics are the good guys in our gut that help to break down the food we eat. We need them. Get some probiotics!!)
  • 1 teaspoon Vitamin C with Hesperidin Complex – powdered form (this for me is the best Vit C – it has no sugar added) made by Millenium Pharmaceuticals from healthfood stores.
  • 2 teaspoons of soaked organic linseeds. (keep a protein shaker filled with water in the fridge a quarter filled with ORGANIC linseeds. If they are non organic- they do not work. Non-organic are devoid of Omega 3.  In the water,  they open and when digested, the body can easily access the essential Omega 3’s contained within. Without soaking the body will miss most of the essential Omega 3’s. Same goes for Chia seeds. By soaking, we are deactivating the protective shells housing the goods. Make sense?)

Ok!! Ok!! This glass looks scary to the naked eye and to the unconverted. However, one easily becomes a convert with the results.. ie great flush of solid matter after the event and whilst we don’t like to talk about such shitty events… Some of us find it difficult to experience shitty events, so when it happens easily and effortlessly we have cause to celebrate. Stuff the laxatives and other man made drugs. Do you realise all they do is dry out your already dehydrated intestines and bowel, thus causing MORE damage and blockage, causing you to need stronger and stronger man made B.S solutions?! Solutions that ..hmmm 99.999% of the time lead to dependency on more and more man made solutions… so ask yourself- do they or have they ever offered a true solution to the problem or just taped up the presenting damage or pain.. only to erupt in more damage and pain in the same area or worse still.. a completely different area of your body?

Get to the root cause and fix the bud. Get your digestion working efficiently and efficiently. It is said that 80% of all illness starts in the digestive system. How unfortunate that 80% of people in Australia have digestive issues… how about being part of the 20% or even better, being part of bringing that shocking statistic down? And if that stat is not 100% correct, get over it, the fact of the matter is: too many people are experiencing digestive disorders today. The great majority of today’s illnesses in the Western World can be traced back to the digestive system so how about giving your digestive system a break and sticking some ”whole foods” into that mouth of yours, sticking some alkalising cleansing foods in –assisting as opposed to hindering your body?

Eat foods that will help you live a vibrant, fun filled, energetic life! Remember how it is to be light on your feet! Feel good in your body. This body you live in is the only body you get. Treat it like the temple that it is. It is not a playground for abuse. Give yourself some respect and make the changes necessary. It starts with one step.. how about starting with breakfast?- Set your day up to create a world of life, health and vitality!!! TODAY!!!!

BE the change you want to see in your world!!!

Oh- and enjoy your full breakfast, juices etc etc… just get some natural cleansers in first and then decide if you really feel like that full breakfast every day… or maybe just some days…. give it a go and let me know what happens!!

Warning: you will be heading to the bathroom after eating a breakfast like this. Soo…. is that a problem? Or would you prefer that your food sits around in your colon festering, growing putrid, causing you wind, indigestion, acid reflux, leaky gut, and/or a plethora of other very serious, some life threatening illnesses? Me? I prefer frequent visits to the bathroom- as I know what it is like not being capable of passing solids. AND how sick the body gets. It is a long way back to recovery after that. THAT sux.

Power to You and Power to Starting Your Day the Alkalising Way!!!! Vashte untapped.

Peace Out lol

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xx Vashte xx






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Bianca July 1, 2013 at 3:03 pm

Hey Vashte

Thank-you so much for your alkalising breakfast recipe! Kristy and I have been drinking the concoction since last Thurs morning and we’re already enjoying the benefits. We’re feeling more energised and our digestion is working a lot better!! I am also drinking the warm glass of water with slippery elm and I’ve found that my hunger has dramatically decreased (something I have been trying to achieve for quite some time!!). Thank-you for your recipes and insight to a happier, healthier lifestyle… We’ll continue to follow your posts in admiration of your wisdom and knowledge.

B & K


Vashte July 1, 2013 at 3:32 pm

HI Bianca!
This is great news! Funny that you sent your message just now.. I have been hungry all day.. its cold and rainy outside.. (great excuse?!) … might go and have some slippery elm myself :) It can aid digestion and help balance the blood sugars :) Perhaps it is for you then! xx Looking into some great detox’s for you- watch this space :)


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