Alkalising Green Energy Balls

by Vashte on June 10, 2013

Alkalising- Raw-Vegan-Paleo Friendly- 100% Natural – Wholefood-Organic-Gluten Free

My recipe today is a combination of incredible goodness, laced with a tad of naughtiness at the end if you feel the need. The thing is- sometimes ‘naughty’ is not so bad..depending on … the INGREDIENTS!! It is the little things that count in life.. and in your food choices. It is the ‘ little things’ that have been taken out of the mass produced crap they call food, ingredient they don’t tell you about; and the ” little things” that have been added-  then sold to the consumer as being good for us that keep us in a state of perpetual low key sickness!!

Learn how to read a label, realise the poor quality of produce that is out there, and go  in search of healthy options! (loads on this little blog alone!) Click HERE If we demand healthy options, this ”food” we wouldn’t even feed our dogs will no longer be in demand. Result: no demand, removed from the shelves. If we choose farmers markets over supermarkets.. organic over factory farmed- this will become the norm and thus drive prices DOWN for the healthy stuff as competition increases!!! Vote with your money!!! Happy days.

Vashtes Green Balls!

Do these look yummy to you?! They should! They were!! And they are all gone now… so I will be back in the kitchen making a fresh batch but the awesome thing is they are so easy to make! No cooking involved aside from the melting of dark chocolate if you do not make your own- in this case I did not so that that brings the excellence of this treat down just a tad (still better than any bought ‘treat’ any day!!!! Don’t lose perspective here!!!) but if you are like me.. you might like your balls bald. I will show you bald balls below and the 3 step process on 1. alkaline, raw, green, sugarfree  bald balls or 2. alkaline, raw, green, sugar free, sweeter bald balls, or 3. decadent dark chocolate laced sweetened sugar free alkaline, raw green balls!!! You choose the style of ball you feel like on the day!!! Always: your choice 😉 Right?!

So to make number one!

Alkaline , Raw, Green, Sugar Free, BALD Balls

Always use organic where you can-You will need: 3 bananas, 1/2 Cup chia seeds, 1/4 Cup Barley Grass (or any green powder you prefer), 1/2 Cup LSA (Linseeds, Sunflower, Almonds ground up), 1/4  cup of goji berries- or any ”super-fruit” you like! (craisins, raisins, chopped dates, what about chopped nuts?- but the red with the green looks good :) , water for binding if necessary.

Mash up the bananas then just add chia, greens, LSA, then finally your choice of fruit or chopped nut. I found a tablespoon to mix this recipe. It is going to look green! -With a splash of colour in your chosen fruit. The chia will absorb a lot of the moisture so add some water and make it a slightly soaky ball. Make them the size you like- no rules. The longer you leave the balls in the fridge, the more the chia will absorb. Taste the scary looking mixture. 😉 Is it sweet enough for you? Get over the fact it is green. Just think Christmas lights and fun stuff! I love these bald balls at this stage so if you are like me, you can stop here, roll into balls and keep  in the fridge for nibbles. They are best after about 5 hours and will keep for two weeks. Roll them in coconut, toasted sesame seeds, cocao powder… if you want to give them some clothing. I’m happy with them bald:

Vashte Bald Green Alkalinsing Balls

Ok so if you need a little extra sweetness on your palate, then to make option 2..still all natural and sugar free and alkalising– just add rice malt syrup to taste. This sweetener does not convert straight to fat as other sweeteners like honey and golden syrup can. Organic honey is great for you though, and an option if you are making the transition to de-sweetening the palate. I think, the important thing to remember here is these ingredients are all whole foods and healthy. These balls are high in energy, high in good fats, low in sugars. Too much of them can cause weight gain if you do not burn energy! It is not rocket science really. One-two as a snack to satisfy your hunger is perfectly fine and great to fill the hole- warding off the sugar craving around 10am and 3pm. Take responsibility for your own body and be honest with yourself- only you know what works for you and what doesn’t!!

Option Number Three: Naturally Sweetened Decadent Dark Chocolate-laced Sugar Free Alkaline, Raw Green Balls!!!

How to melt chocolate

I thought I would show how I melt chocolate as this was something I didn’t know to do for some time. Just grab a saucepan, pop some water in it; pop your chocolate in a different saucepan, sticking it on top of the saucepan with water in it. Just as the picture shows! The heat can be high to warm the water. The heat from the bottom saucepan will melt the chocolate without burning it. Happy days! I use 85% cacao organic dark chocolate. Don’t think chocolate in large qualities, dark or not, is good for you. A little MAY be but… these days- they usually have so many other ‘little’ things added- that bought chocolate is redundant in many health benefits. Really. In all honesty. And again, it is up to you to figure out the truth for you. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I had to get over myself and face the truth- it is just not good for me. Marketing is clever and had sold me on perhaps dark chocolate was good for my body…but that was only me wanting to believe in a fairy tale and fall prey to clever marketing techniques. I don’t know where you stand on that but being honest with myself is the best decision I made, and have to continue to make each day… a work in progress!

You can make your own chocolate- that way it is pure, wholefood and.. CAN actually good for you! No additives allowed! You are the boss!!

Vashtes Alkaling Balls!

For a bit of pizazz you can add fresh chilli to your dark chocolate.. hmm aphrodisiac apparently!!

Enjoy my balls!!! Alkalising, wholefood, healthy,  and ohh yes…. delicious on every level!

Please make them, tweak them and tell me your versions, or what you think of mine! Make your comments below! I would love to hear from you!!

XX Vashte XX



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