A Day in the Life of….

by Vashte on July 22, 2012

A Girl living on the Gold Coast, Australia. A Sunday in fact. What better day to delve into a day in the life of!!…

Lazy days are a thing of the past. Every day passed is exactly that, something you and I will never get back, so .. make each day count. Don’t count the days. This particular Sunday is another stunning day here on the Goldy; the sun is out, it’s Winter but it is still amazing sit outside slightly rugged up and enjoy the ocean breeze, view and atmos..watching people or better still..being the people being watched 😉

The Farmers Markets are a great way to start the day on a Sunday after a brisk walk to shake the sleep from the body and ready oneself for the day ahead. If thats too much then just up and go to the Markets to enjoy the bustle of locally picked and produced veges, fruits and all sorts of goodies.. handmade, home cooked and cozy. Me, I’m going for all the green produce I can find to stock my fridge with alkalising greens-primarily veges. Spinach being my number one commodity..and I find it! Of course. Broccoli, leeks, lemons, apples, oranges.. Im a happy little coconut :)

Church rocked. The Dream Centre Christian Church is my home church, very grounded, real and 21st Century. Great session today at 9am – come on down to suss it out before you diss it out, then make your own decision. Who would have thought I’d be a church girl a few years back. Not I that’s for sure. But..the Truth.. it has a way of finding your heart and speaking your language, mine at least :)

Lunch date with a dear friend in Burleigh Heads followed. We live in the same town and yet this is our annual get-together..crazy ol life this is. When you consider we met in London and saw each other most weekends… however, lives change and nothing gets slower, so time needs to be MADE for friends, just as it needs to be MADE for pretty much anything in life that you believe to be important. Time is not FOUND.

We lunched at Connors Cafe 3/37 Connor Street, Burleigh Heads. Delish! We both agreed on that! Carol opting for the Moroccan Salad, and I chose the Vegetarian Salad (I have the giggle at the name) adding tuna- no longer vegetarian I guess. It was really hard to choose what to eat- the menu was brilliant. We were served by Nathan, I think he owned the place. Really friendly and attentive staff. They are opening a funky bar called ZePickle right next door very soon- looks great- like them on facebook!!- Burleigh is the place to be!!! I/We might see you down there enjoying the sun set on a Sunday one day soon!!

My lunch- had to share- you know I love my healthy food…

Think I talked Carol’s ear off about my trip overseas.. working on a plan to enable me to spend more time out in that world of ours…love it out there!! And love it here too. make the most of your every day- BE the light and …make each day count!!

Over and out

xx Vashte xx

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